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Photos 8 -
Hike Mauna Ulu
January 27, 2012
Click the image above to download a pdf of the brochure.  This is really good!
You'll need it for what happens next...
I got the urge to explore Mauna Ulu.  I've been taken by the story of the eruption and the fact that Chain of Craters Road
used to go where I now have to hike 7 miles to get to.  It completely changed the landscape for miles around. Having hiked
all around it, and having read the
brochure, I was hooked and decided to go out there and look at it!
The eruption of Mauna Ulu.  This event was well-observed and -documented by people who are still working for the
Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.
12:39 PM @ *240
Or stop #1 if you're following the brochure...
Mauna Ulu
12:39 PM
Pu'u Huluhulu on the left
Or stop #3 in the brochure
See how the edges are all rounded?  
That's from lava flowing
into the crack.
12:47 PM @ *253
12:47 PM
12:48 PM @ *257
12:48 PM
12:48 PM
This group is being guided by a
volunteer park ranger
12:48 PM
12:51 PM @ *270
or stop #2 in the brochure
Hike Mauna Ulu
January 28, 2012
I didn't like the looks of the sky so I decided not to hike today after all.  I didn't feel like getting caught out in the rain.  It was
a good choice because it started to rain as I drove home...
12:57 PM @ *284
Much better...
This was yesterday...
12:57 PM @ *284
The idea is to get around that
A'a lava
in the foreground and head right up
Mauna Ulu.
1:03 PM @ *287
Stop #5 in the brochure
1:05 PM @ *290
Stop #6 in the brochure
1:08 PM @ *291

with the plume from the Looking to my
left, there's
Halema'uma'u vent
crossing right to left in front of it.

And just to the right of
Mauna Loa is
Mauna Kea in the distance.
1:10 PM @ *293
Stop #8 in the brochure
1:13 PM @ *295
Pu'u Huluhulu and Mauna Ulu
1:13 PM @ *295
Mauna Ulu
1:13 PM @ *295
Zooming in on the right flank shows
some steam...  Let's go there...
1:22 PM @ *303
Off the trail now, I'm just above the
lava flow I had to go around...
1:22 PM @ *303
Looking up
Mauna Ulu, headed for the
1:27 PM @ *311
Getting closer...
1:30 PM @ *316
Almost there...
At extreme zoom, you can see just to
the right of center a row of humps.  
That's where I was yesterday.