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Photos 8 -
Hike Keauhou Trail
January 20, 2012
It was another beautiful day so I decided to go out and finish what I'd started the other day (green line).  Just for yucks, I
divided the hike into 3 segments:  the first (blue line) is downhill, the second (yellow line) is uphill, and the third (magenta
line) is downhill along the road back to the car.  It turns out that the area encircled in my hike, as well as the entire uphill
hike is
Nene (Hawaiian Goose, the Hawaiian state bird and an endangered species) nesting area.  So I was keeping
company with some very important people!
12:58 PM @ "Park"
Mauna Loa.  Just checking to make
That haze you see in front of the mountain is
coming from
Halema'uma'u Crater on the
right and blowing across to the left
12:58 PM @ "Park"
And here we go...
1:38 PM @ *162
First glimpse of the coast.
1:47 PM @ *163
I'm interested in that point down there...
Zoom.  See?
That green down there...
Zoom more.  Enhance.
Doesn't look like much...
1:50 PM @ *163
A panorama of the whole coastline, from left to right
2:37 PM @ "Jct2"
This is the real trail.  Looks a lot
different doesn't it?  
(I'm being sarcastic!)
...and one more to see where I'm
2:33 PM @ *176
This is where I turned the other day.  
Looks like a trail doesn't it?
2:37 PM @ "Jct2"
2:45 PM @ *181
Horseshit.  Did you know that there are
more horse's asses in the world than
there are horses?
2:46 PM @ *181
The road ahead...
2:57 PM @ *189
And here they are:  Mr. and Mrs.
Nene.  They mate for life and you'll always see them in pairs.  I slipped by as quietly as I
could.  Word is they're nesting and I wanted to give them as much privacy as possible...
3:05 PM @ *190
The sign says,
Endangered Species
Absolutely no Entry
3:06 PM @ *190
So we'll go this way...
(The trail goes left at the gate)
3:14 PM @ * 195
3:15 PM between *195 & *198
Nene territory...
trail normally goes to the right but has been
closed off because it's the Nene nesting
time. So we all have to go around!  If you As
you can see from the image above, the were
nesting, I'm sure you'd appreciate the
consideration! Especially if you were
3:17 PM @ *198
More trail ahead...
3:24 PM @ *199
Yet another gate...
3:42 PM @*203
Looking back.  I came in from the left...
3:43 PM @ *205
4:05 PM @ *207
This gate is onto the main road...
4:06 PM @ "GATE"
The other side of the gate, toward
Chain of Craters Road...
4:44 PM @ "6 mile marker"
Just a look at the roadside...
4:48 PM @ *214
The end in sight...
Leg 1, downhill, rough terrain, 2.0 miles, 1h 16m
Leg 2, uphill, easy terrain, 3.2 miles, 1h 52m
Leg 3, downhill, pavement, 2.0 miles, 44m