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Photos 8 -
Hike Keauhou Trail
January 17, 2012
Another spur-of-the-moment hike.  It was a beautiful day and I just had to get outside in it!  I eventually decided to check
out a loop at the head of the trail that leads down to the coast,
Keauhou Trail. This trail is longer than I want to take right
now but I thought I'd at least check it out...  
My idea was to take a lower trail partway down, then catch the
Keauhou Trail back up to the road.  If you look closely at
the second image above, you can see before "FNC" where I turned right too soon, leaving the trail, and ended
encountering a fence I couldn't cross.  I needed to get back for a dinner date so I didn't have time to explore around too
much so I just headed back the way I came.  All-in-all about a 5.5 mile hike.
12:21 PM
Before we start out, a little look

Looking northeast, that's
Mauna Ulu
To the north, that's Mauna Loa
peeking out of the clouds
12:22 PM @ "Park"
This is where I'm going...
12:47 PM @ *103
Easy walking, downhill
12:57 PM @ *105
1:05 PM @ *106
Starting to head across the slope, still
heading down...
1:17 PM @ *107
First view of the coast, 2400 feet below
1:17 PM @ *107
1:31 PM @ *112
1:36 PM @ *113
1:40 PM @ *119
1:42 PM @ "Wall"
Yes that's a stone wall.  What's a wall doing here?
Looking back at where I came from.  
Keauhou" is on the coast.  I'm
heading toward "
Kipuka Nene"
2:17 PM @ *129
I met these people on the trail.  They
were coming up from
Keauhou where
they'd camped for a few days.
2:32 PM @ *134
It's hard to see, but there's a fence
there.  I couldn't find a way across so I
turned back...
3:03 PM approaching "Wall"
Looking back, using the people for
Just some interesting sights...

3:07 PM just past "Wall"

3:21 PM @ *146

My car and Mauna Ulu