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Photos 8 -
December 11, 2011
Ray & Ellen had been to the Mainland for three weeks and had been back a week when they decided it was time to take
the boat out for the first time.  Robin & I joined them, along with Ray's neighbor and friend, Dave.
We got a good start, launching a little before 10:00 AM. The green line is our route out, the magenta line shows our track
back.  The bay was full of dolphins.  They were swimming and jumping everywhere.  We motored slowly out, watching
carefully for snorkelers until "Captain Zodiac" disgorged his passengers right in front of us and we had to stop and back up.
10:04 AM
Which one's the Captain?
10:05 AM
I assume one of those guys left on
10:06 AM
No, Robin's  not looking the wrong
way.  The snorkelers just haven't
figured it out yet...
10:06 AM
That's Ellen and Dave rigging the
outriggers.  This is a fishing trip...
10:07 AM
Captain Ray
10:07 AM
Ellen, Ray, and Dave
Watching for dolphins & snorkelers...
12:54 PM
Ellen & Ray taken by Robin

The sea was incredibly smooth, like someone had poured oil on it, and there was hardly any wind...
There were also no fish...
11:13 AM
Buoy 2
1:38 PM
2:39 PM
Those round holes are old lava tubes
through which the lava flowed
3:25 PM
Heading back into the bay at
Honaunau, we shut the boat off and
drifted while Ray & Dave snorkeled.
3:26 PM
The rest of us stayed up top and
watched the show from there...
3:27 PM
The dolphins were all around us, in
bunches of 4 or 5 or 6.  They were
swooping and diving, only a few are
3:29 PM
In the upper left, there's a splash and
one dolphin jumping, upside down.  
Then there are 4 groups...
3:30:13 PM
Pu'u Honua O Honaunau City
of Refuge in the background.
3:30:21 PM
3:32 PM
On the left are Ray, in the lead, with
Dave behind him.  You can't imagine
the view that they're getting right now.  
Ray said later there could have been
as much as a hundred of them in
layers under the water, swooping and
<--3:32 PM
This one shot up right in front of Ray...

3:35 PM -->
12/12/11, 9:50 AM