We've been out here before, but the weather's much better and it's the morning, rather than the evening, so the light's
completely different.  The cyan line is our route today, the yellow line is my hike of
April 16.
This is coming down the hill on Pahoa-Kalapana Road (slate blue line) where
the camera icon is on the map above.
This is known as "The Painted
Church".  It was successfully moved
from Kalapana to avoid the lava flow.
This is the intersection where we turn
to our house.  Turn left, head to our
place.  Turn right, head to the "End of
the Road" and the lava.
After turning left, you come to this "T" intersection.  Turn right, and you come to
Verna's and Uncle's Awa Bar.  Turn left and you're on the way to our house.  
This is where we can see the steam plume from the lava entering the ocean.
This is our transfer station for trash.  
Not bad, huh?  There's a road down
behind that retaining wall that
accesses the dumpsters.  All we have
to do is dump it over the wall.
Continuing on down the road
Until we reach the turn to our subdivision on the left ahead.
Now let's head back to that intersection and go straight to the End of Road instead of turning off to our place.
Here's the End of the Road.  As you
can see, the road continues on into
the lava field.
Like this
There's that green house with the red
roof again
And there's the road again!  That
trailer wasn't there when we were here
last time.  Maybe somebody moving in.
And a little way down the road, it
peters out again...
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Friday, May 26, 2006
More of our neighborhood
This is looking straight past the signs.  
You can just see the ocean peeking
Zoom.  See?
Every day we check out the status of
the steam plume.  You can just see
that green house with the red roof.
A different day.  The green house is
right in front of the plume
Now we've turned left and are heading
toward home.  Note that the lava
quickly ends and plant life takes over.
Zoom.  See?
Saturday, May 27, 2006
Kaimu-Kalapana Lava Flow Field drive again