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Photos 8 -
Crater Rim Trail Hike
June 29, 2011
Here's an overall look at where everything is.  I left home and
drove to Jaggar Museum (white line) to see which way the
wind was blowing.  I was planning on hiking on the other side
of the crater and I wanted to know which way the fumes from
Halema'uma'u Crater were going.
After getting the drift of the wind, I headed back around the
crater (the other way is blocked off due to the fumes) to
where I planned to start my hike (cyan line).

(The yellow line is a little reconnoiter in the car after I was done hiking.)
I wanted to go into the "forbidden zone" - the part that was
closed off - but wanted to avoid the fumes.  But as I walked
(green line), I became concerned that someone could
observe me from the observatory across the way.  So I
veered off (at *610) to follow some tire tracks I saw.
I finally decided I wasn't heading in a direction I wanted to go
so I turned back.  I sort of dead-reckoned my way back to the
fence near
Keanakakoi Crater and headed back to the car
(magenta line).
Here's a 3D view of the terrain, looking north.  As you can see, I was hiking down off the side of
the volcano when I headed back.  Nothing down there except more of the same...
12:52 PM @ Jaggar
Looking directly across, that's where I want to go...
12:59 PM @ Jaggar
That leads to where I want to go...
1:23 PM @ "Park"
The trailhead...
1:31 PM @ *564
The path...
1:32 PM @ *567
Same path...
1:42 PM @ "Lava Formation"
Check this out.  2 arches, one half
hidden by the scraggly bush.
We'll call this the front...
Left front
Left of front
This a free-standing formation
Back Left
Back Left
Some other ones behind...
Right front
1:46 PM
One last look...
1:48 PM @ *593
Checking the plume...
1:51 PM @ *595
A fence...
1:52 PM @ *600
...that ends in a big hole!
It's Keanakako'i Crater.
Halema'uma'u fuming in the
Keanakako'i Crater
Means "cave of the adzes".  Before being
covered in lava in 1877 was the source for
superior stone used in tool-making.
1:54 PM @ *603
Exposed for the crater & sign
Exposed for the sky
Not locked
The fence is to keep feral pigs out.  They do serious damage to local flora.
1:56 PM @ *607
Nice easy walkin'
1:58 PM @ *608
A look back...
2:02 PM @ *610
I was getting concerned that someone
would see me from across the way at
2:04 PM @ *611
So I turned to follow these tracks...
2:08 PM @ *612
I wonder where they go...
2:11 PM @ *613
Check this out...
2:16 PM @ *620
Maybe there's a secret government Or
a UFO landing site...!
2:30 PM @ *625
On the way back, I found another,
older, track...
2:44 PM @ 'FNC'
Back at the fence again.
At this point, I was headed pretty much
due south, directly away from anything
going on with the volcano right now.  
So I decided to turn around.  I tried to
navigate directly back to the car from
here but those stupid trees kept
getting in the way!
2:46 PM
Another look at Keanakako'i Crater
with Halema'uma'u and the Kilauea
Caldera behind it.
The trail back to the car...