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Explore Pahala-Naalehu
May 8, 2011
Photos 8 -
Photos 8 -
Up behind the towns of Pahala and Naalehu there are these beautiful mist-shrouded hills that we see (or not see as the
mist allows) every time we go by on the highway.  I've always wanted to explore up there so...
Robin and I had been out here previously so I knew where I wanted to start looking for roads up into the hills.  I went up
Pahala (blue line), getting lost a couple of times.  Following the maps on my GPS, I got to the "T" in the road and
turned left.  I soon came upon a whole bunch of 4-wheel-drive vehicles and pick-up trucks blocking the road.  I could hear
lots of roosters crowing.  Must be an illegal cock fight.  I then explored the other side of the "T" (white line) which just
looped around and came back.  I then back-tracked and found another road the headed southwest (purple line).  I followed
that up to "Gate" where I turned around and went up past "Rocks".  That road dead-ended.  So I explored more to the
south (cyan line), trying to find a way to the hills.  I finally came to a spot where the road was blocked by a bunch of felled
trees ("Logs").  Deciding to try to approach it from the other direction, I turned around and found my way out to the main
road and looped all the way around to the other side (white line to the southwest).  On the way, I found an unlocked gate
("Out Gate") and went through it.  After a few minutes, I changed my mind and decided not to follow that road in case
someone came along later and locked the gate behind me.  I followed a road up the hill (magenta line) that Robin and I had
found months before.  This road headed in the right direction and followed the back fences of the range area.  Eventually,
the road ended in a couple of gates and I finally had to turn back ("End").
12:28 PM between "Fork" and "T"
Heading up the hill from Pahala
12:33 PM @ between "Fork" and "T"
Looking down the hill...
12:44 PM @ 0061
This is all planted eucalyptus forest
12:54 PM @ 0071
Looking back down the hill.  The
clouds blow in from the ocean and pile
up on the hills
1:15 PM @ @ "Gate4"
Like this..
1:25 PM @ "Rocks"
The road crosses this stream bed.  I
have to get out and reconnoiter...
Looks do-able...
Looking back from the other side...
2:13 PM @ "Logs"
Somebody blocked the road with
cut-down trees.  Nobody around...
2:50 PM @ "Out Gate"
It's unlocked.
And that's where I want to go...
But I chickened out...
What if someone locked the gate while
I was in there?
3:37 PM @ 0081
4:00 PM @ 0091
That's where I want to go...
4:18 PM
This doesn't look like much of a road...
I was heading in the right direction but,
unfortunately, the road ended at a
decided to hang it up...
Kilauea Iki Rim Hike
June 6, 2011
I haven't been getting enough exercise lately, so I decided to go out for a walk.  I had new
boots and pack and wanted to try them out and break them in.  Me too...
The idea was to take a short level hike to test out my equipment and me.  To see how we did.  Instead, I took a wrong turn
(green line) and ended up going down into the Kilauea caldera.  No problem with that, except that I also had to get OUT!  
Which meant a fairly stiff climb, something I hadn't planned on.
Don't worry, I made it OK.
Hike out (green line) 2.1 mi, 1h 20m  Hike back (magenta line) 2.1 mi, 1h 13m
The locations marked with numbered stars are where I took pictures.  The locations marked with a diamond are just
2:31 PM @ *378
Looking down into
Kilauea Iki and past
that to the plume coming from
Halema'uma'u Crater.
Just showing off my zoom...
The cairn (
ahu) marks the trail
2:35 PM @ *379
This is my trail...
When the volcano isn't blowing up, this
is all a lush rain forest...
2:54 PM @ *391 (near "Jct")
Looking across at
which is within the Kilauea
, just past that ridge.
3:16 PM @ *400
Oops!  Down in
Kilauea Caldera,
Halema'uma'u off to the left.  Now I
have to get up to the top again!
3:20 PM @ *410
Just follow the Yellowbrick Road...
3:24 PM @ *414
Looking left at the fumes rising from
Halema'uma'u Crater.  Don't worry,
the lava is something over 600 feet

But they still don't want you over there!
3:56 PM @ 424
On the way up out of the caldera, I
thought this particular stretch