I think we've been here before (page 7), but it was such a nice view.  These pictures are taken from the road that runs
Ray's House and Kilauea where it passes right along the coast.  We're looking up the coast toward the "Lava
into the sea
".  I believe what we're looking at is Whittington Beach Park, by the pier there.
Today we went to see Multi-Facetted Homes.  This is where the guy who invented them and designs them has lived for
the last 11 years.  Robin and I had been interested in these since we'd seen it on the internet when we were in
Massachusetts.  Very cool!  Check it out:  
Multi-Facetted Homes, Inc.
Whittington Beach Park is just past
the broken-down pier
Looking the other way
This is two "Hale 12"s joined together
Left side
This is inside the left-hand Hale
Right side
Looking out from the breezeway
between the two Hales
This is a Hale 6.  Isn't it cute.  I think it
would be ideal for an office.  You can
see the back of a guy sitting inside.  
He's surrounded by workspace that he
can reach from a central location.
This is a Hale 8.  Inside, he's got a
full-sized pool table with plenty of room
around it to shoot without the back of
your cue hitting something.
This is a home under construction.  It's
got a
Hale 12 in the center and they're
adding living space all around.  I liked
the idea of tenting and then building a
house under it!
One day, we found this beautiful
deserted beach just north of
Unfortunately, where the sand meets
the water it's all bare rock!  Can't swim.
 The white "rocks" are coral.  The
black rocks are lava.
Robin worshipping the sun.
Just then we heard a sound that just got louder, and louder, and LOUDER!  Turns out we're in the landing pattern for
Kailua-Kona airport!  No wonder the beach is deserted!
There's something about the clouds in
Hawaii.  I think maybe it's because the
horizon is so far, unlike New England
where I grew up.  There may be
something symbolic in that...
This is a common occurrence in Hawaii.  On the seashore, the sun is out, but
inland, where the clouds bump into the mountains, it's raining.  Those people
back there are probably bitching because it's raining!
The lower clouds are dark.  The higher
clouds are still up in the sun.
Photos 1, Page 19
Sunday, April 30, 2006
Coming back home from swimming with the dolphins
Looking north along the coast.  You can see
the plume of steam from the lava entering the
ocean.  You could't see that in the previous
view becasue it was so overcast.  At the time,
we didn't even know it was there.
Tuesday, May 9, 2006
Multi-Facetted Homes
Thursday, May 18, 2006