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Lava Hike
September 9, 2010
I guess I felt incomplete because my batteries ran out last time so I decided to take a "quick"
hike out to finish the project:  see if I couldn't get some good night explosions.  So, on sore feet
and stiff legs, I headed off (green out, magenta back).
I hike about a mile to what I call the "kipuka" but it's really the scarp that's raised above the surrounding lavascape 6-10
feet.  In the aerial view, it's defined by the green vegetation than runs along the coast.  After getting up on the kipuka, I
hike along the coast about another mile to where the lava's flowing into the ocean.  When I say hike along the coast, I
mean the coast.  Some of it just feet from the edge of a 20-30 foot drop to the ocean.  But it's fairly level and pretty easy
walking.  Then I get to the new lava and it's stumbling across uneven terrain to the ocean entry.  By the way, the red areas
are from an overlay of where the lava was on 9/3.  The brighter the red, the newer the flow.
11:30 AM @ 002
This is what caught my attention the
other day.
11:34 AM @ 003
5:38 PM @ 010
First view of the plume
5:46 PM @ 011
6:00 PM @ Fox Beach
6:29 PM @ "Set"
MOVIE (21.7 MB)
6:29:29 PM
6:30:03 PM
6:30:04 PM
6:30:14 PM
6:30:14 PM
Just warming up.  I'm trying to catch a moment when the steam blows away and I can see the lava...
6:30:29 PM
6:31:27 PM
6:32:14 PM
6:33:26 PM
6:33:46 PM
6:33:47 PM
I'm going to move up to that rock those guys are standing on...
6:38:02 PM
6:38:03 PM
6:38:04 PM
6:38:15 PM
6:38:16 PM
6:38:40 PM
6:38:50 PM
6:38:52 PM