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Lava Hike (continued)
September 4, 2010
Lots of colored lines to confuse you with this time.  The green line is the hike out, then the cyan line leads back to the new Fox Beach where I
took a nice long break, waiting for dusk, the better to see lava with.  And then the magenta line leading back to the car.  The white line at the top
is the track when I drove down to the "End" earlier.  Can't see a thing from there.  The yellow line on the right side of the images is the path of
the lava tube that carries the lava down to the sea.
6:24 PM
Another boat out to look...
6:27:54 PM                                                6:27:55 PM
A nice little lava explosion out the front there...
6:28 PM
Keeping an eye...
6:30 PM
6:31 PM
6:32 PM
It's raining over there...
6:34 PM
6:35 PM
6:35 PM
6:36 PM
6:37 PM
6:37:40 PM                                             6:37:41 PM                                                      6:37:42
A peek at the actual lava...
6:43 PM
6:44 PM
6:45 PM
With some people...
6:46 PM
6:46 PM
6:46 PM
6:47 PM
6:48:00 PM                                            6:48:11 PM
6:48:57 PM
6:49:26 PM
6:53 PM
6:52:54 PM
6:52:55 PM
6:52:56 PM
or 4.  It was the weirdest thing:  as I turned to hike out, I saw this long string of lights moving along the path toward me.  
There must have been close to 30 people coming out to see the lava at night and they each had a flashlight.  It looked like
a centipede or something.  Apparently, somebody's selling lava tours...
So anyway, I gathered up my things and headed for the car on sore feet and rubber legs...
In all, I hiked 7.6 miles and was out for 9 1/2 hours, much of it sitting or standing.  A great hike...