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Lava Hike (continued)
September 4, 2010
Lots of colored lines to confuse you with this time.  The green line is the hike out, then the cyan line leads back to the new Fox Beach where I
took a nice long break, waiting for dusk, the better to see lava with.  And then the magenta line leading back to the car.  The white line at the top
is the track when I drove down to the "End" earlier.  Can't see a thing from there.  The yellow line on the right side of the images is the path of
the lava tube that carries the lava down to the sea.
4:00 PM @ 040

4:12 PM @ 043
Looking up at one of the places where
the lava came over the ridge...
4:52 PM @ Fox Beach
One can't help feeling blessed at moments like this...
With an erupting volcano at my back...
5:44 PM @ Set, 038
Tripod set, ready to go.  I like this light..
5:52 PM
Somebody else out to see.  I hear it's about 17 miles to get out here by boat.
5:39 PM next to 040
Looking up the hill at where the lava is coming from.  The ocean's at my back, the entry is to
my left.  In the distance, you can see the lava coming down the hill, sloping from right to left.
5:14 PM
Leaving the new Fox Beach

5:30 PM @ 016
Thar she blows!
5:58 PM
5:58 PM
6:08 PM
You can see the glow developing in the cloud of steam as the light fades...
6:11 PM
I look off to my right and what do you know?  Somebody's sneaking up on me!  
I'm perched on the edge of the new sea cliff, at my back.  The only way out is to  
step to the left of those rocks in the foreground and go around them to the right.
6:13 PM
6:14 PM
6:18 PM
Looking back.  People coming...
6:18 PM
6:19 PM
Zoomed a little
6:22 PM
Keeping an eye on that lava over there...
6:19 PM
I'll settle here for a bit and watch...
This is with no zoom.  I'm right there!
3:43 PM @ 038
MOVIE (17.7 MB)
3:53 PM @ 038
MOVIE (31.5 MB)
3:54 PM
Definitely check out the movies..They're short but you'll get the idea!
3:55 PM
Inside all that steam, boiling hot lava is flowing into the ocean and exploding.  You can see the pieces flying through the air.
 They're red hot and at night it's going to look fantastic!  Notice the nice black sand on the near side of the plume.  And the
piles of steaming "gravel" just behind the ocean entry...
I wanted to wait for dark and get some pictures.  So I decided to go back to Fox Beach and take a break.  It's 4:00 now,
sunset is 6:34 PM...