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Lava Hike
September 4, 2010
At it again!  Well, once a month...?  I was heading down to do some stuff at the Seaview House and caught sight of the
plume from the lava ocean entry (002).  I caught the fever.  I drove on down to the "End", which is as far as they let people
go.  You know, ordinary people...  I went back to "Park" and took a walk.  It was a spur of the moment decision.  It was
around noon and I'd only had a light breakfast but I had all my stuff in the car, including a bag of trail mix and clean socks
and batteries for the GPS.  Good to go...
Lots of colored lines to confuse you with this time.  The green line is the hike out, then the cyan line leads back to the new
Fox Beach where I took a nice long break, waiting for dusk, the better to see lava with.  And then the magenta line leading
back to the car.  The white line at the top is the track when I drove down to the "End" earlier.  Can't see a thing from there.  
The yellow line on the images on the right side is the path of the lava tube that carries the lava down to the sea.
I wanted to confirm the extent of the flow since July.  I also wanted to get a good look at the ocean entry.  Check this out:  In
the left image, it appears I'm standing in the ocean at 038 and "Set".  That's how much land has been added to the Big
Island since July.  This is particularly striking to me because I've been through here several times.  Totally and completely
Clicking on the image will open it in another window.  Leave it open so you can follow along as we go...
12:45 PM @ 005
We'll start right out with a nice panorama of the scene.  I'm headed to the plume but I'm going
around the left end of that vegetation in order to avoid private property
12:49 PM @ 4 WD
How'd those people get there?  If you look really close, you might see a 4WD road coming from
the front middle of the photo and going to their campsite...
1:05 PM @ 008
First views of the plume at various zooms...
1:05 PM @ 008
1:12 PM @ 009
There's people on the rocks in about
the middle of the picture.
1:15 PM @ 009
See?  That lava flow just behind them
is what's left of
Fox Beach
1:19 PM @ Fox Beach
This is Fox Beach.  The sand in the
foreground is new, created from
explosions of lava as it hits the ocean.
1:35 PM @ 016
Approaching the ocean entry.  This is
all new lava.  The old shoreline is the
cliffs to the right.
1:32 PM @ "End Lava"
Looking back at
Fox Beach
1:37 PM @ 016
1:38 PM @ 016
You can see an explosion at the front
of the plume...
1:40 PM @ Cross
entry is to the left the lava is flowing
from right to left underneath that...
1:47 PM @ 019
I'm about halfway.  So far, so good...
1:51 PM approaching "Old"
The dark stuff is the old shore.  All the
silvery stuff is brand new.
2:18 PM @ 024
Walking up the road from "Rest".  I
used to come down this road to park
for hiking to other ocean entries
2:21 PM
This is where I parked on
September 5, 12, and October 16.
2:27 PM further up the hill...
2:36 PM @ 027
A little patch of pavement...
2:45 PM near "Fnc"
Signposts at old view area
After reaching the old shoreline, I found the place I drove down and parked at ("Rest") on May 1 and May 6.  Today, I
followed the road back up to where the old parking and viewing area was (just past "Fnc" on the cyan line, not down where
it says "Old View" - that's a different one!).
3:30 PM opposite "Rest"
I'm out in the ocean now, looking back
at where I rested at the old parking
area, where those two dried-out palms
are at the center of the photo.  The
road up is in the shadow to the right of
the right palm...
3:38 PM about where the word "Old" is
People coming...
People coming.