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Lava Hike (continued)
July 30, 2010
The hike out is the green line.  My return hike is the magenta line.  I've included the track (blue line) that I walked yesterday
to the County Viewing Area (marked "End").
More detail
11:56 AM @ 036
A panorama looking back at where I came from.  I came out of the trees about straight ahead
then circled around to the left, near that bluish green house.  Note the white lump on the far
right between the two trees.  That's the roof of
Gary's House...
11:52 AM @ 036

11:56 AM @ 036
Continuing the panorama around to the right.  The roof of
Gary's House is on the left.  About
barriers around the County viewing area...
11:58 AM @ 037
That's the County Viewing Area
(marked "End" on the map)
11:58 AM @ 037
behind there...
12:02 PM @ 038
12:03 PM @ 038
Same scene without zoom...
12:03 PM @ 038
There's the roof of
Gary's House with the picnic table in the foreground
12:40 PM @ "Lava"
12:38 PM @ "Lava"
Coming back around, I saw this breakout...
12:45 PM @ 044
There's a house back there.  You can
that white spot...that white spot...
1:11 PM @ 050
These houses look like they could be
put on a flatbed truck and hauled out
of there if need be...
12:50 PM @ 046
Looking back at the lava flow.  Blue house on the right, all the dead trees in the middle where
the lava is, the flat area we saw from the other side, and the kipuka I came from on the left,
near the right end of the vegetation.
12:56 AM @ 047
<-- 12:54 PM @ 046
A view of the escarpment that keeps
the lava from going south toward the

12:56 PM @ 047 -->
Another view of the escarpment.  The
lava's got to get over that to get to the
ocean.  Otherwise, it's heading east.
12:59 PM past 047
Looking east
12:59 PM past 047
Looking west
1:07 PM @ "Horst"
1:32 PM @ "4WD Road"
Here's the log of my trip.  I'm
wondering where the Max Speed of
13.5 mph came from.  I can't walk that
fast and I didn't run!  Must have been
when I slipped or something...