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Lava Hike (continued)
July 30, 2010
The hike out is the green line.  My return hike is the magenta line.  I've included the track (blue line) that I walked yesterday
to the County Viewing Area (marked "End").
More detail
10:37 AM @ 020
Back (east)
10:37 AM @ 020
Forward (west)
10:38 AM @ 020
10:38 AM @ 020
South (toward the beach)
10:07 AM @ 015
Fox Beach
10:11 AM @ 016
Fox Beach
10:13 @ 016
10:15 @ Fox Beach
I believe that I put my pack at the base
of those palms on my
last hike here...
10:16 AM @ Fox Beach
10:16 @ Fox Beach
10:18 AM @ Fox Beach
Same as above, only closer.
Yeah, right under that bent palm...
Just a look around...
Just a look around...
10:41 AM
Coming down on the other side of
.  Notice how the ground is
burning back from the hot lava...
10:47 AM
bone dry, having had all the moisture
cooked out of them!  Talk about kiln
11:01 AM @ "Plumeria"
As do the flowers...
11:07 AM
More destruction...
11:10 AM @ 028
I saw this wall at "Plumeria".  It runs
Fox Beach to...
11:11 AM!
10:14 AM
A couple of wide views of Fox Beach...
Looking down at the back of
Fox Beach
10:46 AM
Lava flows through the woods...
Even before the lava gets there, the
ground cooks...

11:00 AM -->
Then the lava moves through, forming
a skin from air contact, and the trees
fall over on top...
11:05 AM @ "View"
First view of the other side
Everywhere you see dead trees, used to be... trees!
11:32 AM
starting to encroach on the left side...
11:14 AM @ 030
Only trouble is there's a 4-foot drop on
the other side!
11:16 AM
Just looking around...
11:18 Am @ Flwr
Just a little relief from all the death and
11:44 AM @ "Skylite"

So I'm walking along thinking about
how this is all dead lava here...