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Lava Hike
July 30, 2010
OK, here's the scene of the crime in relation to the Seaview House and Pu'u O'o.  I also
marked where the lava used to go into the ocean the last time I was here.
I started at Uncle Robert's Awa Bar ("Uncle's") and hiked out to the kipuka I had hiked before, and once before that (green
line) and walk along the coast until I came to Fox Beach (shown on right image).  My return hike is the magenta line.  I've
included the track (blue line) that I walked yesterday to the County Viewing Area (marked "End").
By the way, "
Hakuma horst" is the raised escarpment that is channeling the lava to the east.  Once the lava gets high
enough, it overflows the scarp and flows to the ocean (at this point, in two places).
More detail
More detail
And just for yucks, here's my convoluted path as I visited Fox Beach, which, you will see, isn't
anymore.  Once I've gotten around Fox Beach and start up the hill, I am pretty much following
the edge of the lava flow until I get to 028.  There, I had a choice to continue west and cross
the day-old hot lava or turn east and make my way around the nose of the flow...
8:00 AM between "Seaview House" and "Uncle's" (in those trees jutting out into the lava plain)
Isn't this a great shot?  Actually, three shots stitched together.  I'll be hiking out to the left end
of the rainbow (sounds good doesn't it?)
In order to avoid private property, I will hike all the way to the left of the picture, then hike up
the coast to the lava flow (that haze around the left end of the rainbow).
8:50 AM just leaving "Uncle's"
Yeah, right!
9:07 AM @ 006
Volcanic fumes in center of photo
I'm heading to the left of that
vegetation (
kipuka) in the distance...
9:18 AM @007
Here it comes...
9:18 AM @ 007
A panorama.  I'm heading to the left end of the vegetation.  The lava is at the haze below the
big cloud on the left.  The lava comes diagonally down the hill in the background from right to
houses and off into the sea to the left.
9:25 AM @ "On Kipuka"
This is how I get up on the scarp that is
directing the lava.
9:27 AM on kipuka
You can see the steam trail on the hill
in the back traveling from right to left
9:29 AM
Not a good place to stand...
9:36 AM @ "Rest"
My first glimpse
9:37 AM @ "Rest"
9:49 AM
I rested in the little bush to the right...
9:51 AM
puff of steam and smoke on the right...
9:57 AM @ 014
Caught one the of the ubiquitous
10:02 AM @ 014
Getting closer...
10:02 AM @ 014
See the people?
10:02 AM @ 014
Zoom more
Fox Beach