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Lava Reconnoiter
July 29, 2010
We'll be taking a hike down in the eastern part of the island, near Pu'u O'o, "Old Ocean Entry", and "Seaview".
I was on my way down to Seaview to do some work on the house when, at the location marked "Photo" I was presented with
what I could see.  Typically, the county had set up a viewing area where you couldn't really view anything that was going
5:21 PM @ "Photo"
There it is!  Wow!  Right behind all
those houses!
The lava is coming in from the right
and then flowing straight back down
into the ocean
The white is steam from the ocean
entry.  The grey stuff is smoke from
burning trees.
5:22 PM @ "Photo"
The previous photo zoomed in.
Man, those people must be nervous!
5:34 PM @ "Park"
At the official Parking Area it's the
usual circus...
5:39 PM
Walking from "Park" to "End"
This house just got built...
5:45 PM
Walking from "Park" to "End"
"DA BEACH" refers to
Fox Beach.
More on that later...
6:03 PM @ "End"
Looking west along the road toward
the "Old View Area" and "Park 6/15/10"
<--  6:23 PM @ "End"
the picture is the roof of "Gary's House"

Zoom -->
Over to the far left, barely visible, is a
light green picnic table ("Table"
We're just getting warmed up!