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Lava Hike
June 19, 2010
there wasn't any activity but I wanted to see what devastation had been wrought by the last
flow that came through in the beginning of May.  I was last down there on May 6 and
Pele was
cooking away!  I had wanted to get down there again, and was on the way down on May 19
when the car started acting up.
I guess because I hadn't done it in awhile, I forgot to turn on tracking on my GPS until "Shit!" so
the green line is just a follow-the-dots of the waypoints I recorded, not where I actually went.  I
finally woke up at "Shit!" and turned the tracking on (magenta line) which faithfully recorded
the remaining hike.  I was heading down to the old ocean entry when it started to rain and I lost
my enthusiasm and went back to the car.  3.1 miles, 2:25 hr.
This comparison of images shows the extent of the devastation.  On the left is the image from Google Earth, several years
old but applicable.  On the right is overlaid a map of the lava flow as of May 21.  The light pink is lava from before May 7.  
The dark red is lava as of May 7, the day after I was last out there last (
see previous pages).  The bright red shows the
lava that flowed between May 7 and May 21.  The lava just came through and, splat!, no more trees...
7:30 AM @ "Hut"
They've moved the hut way back...
7:42 AM @ "Park"
Here's the new end of road
7:45 AM @ EOR
Half-buried fence...
7:51 AM @ "Signs"
8:12 AM @ 014
MOVIE (77.6 MB)
Click image to view
A quick panorama of the general area
7:58 AM @ "Sign"
This must have been a pool of lava at
one point...
8:16 AM @ "Old View"
The remains of one of the old view
areas.  This is the westmost one.
9:30 AM @ 023
Looking back toward the quarry.  The
people over there give it some scale...
7:54 AM @ "Sign"
7:52 AM @ "Signs"
This was where the hut used to sit and
viewing area since the County opened
the area for viewing in
March of 2008.
8:10 AM @ "Quarry"
Before, you probably wouldn't have been able to see the pali in the distance, there would have
been too many trees in the way...
8:05 AM @ "Quarry"
This is the "quarry".  It used to be sort of a hole maybe 10 feet deep with trees all around...
8:11 AM @ 014
through it...  Amazing...