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Pearl Ave. Hike
May 9, 2010
took out to Napau CraterIn the new place I'm living, there's a path that leads off the end of a street (Pearl St.) in the
general direction of the trail I  (lower green line) on .  The other green line, on the right, is the track of my hike on
5/22/094/28/07 to Pu'u O'o.  I decided to follow the path at Pearl St. out and see where it went...
green lines in the right image where I veered off the path and had to find my way back.  The trail was marked with blue and
southerly, which was the way I wanted to go.  Besides, I was enjoying the walk...  On the walk out, you can see from the
Well, right away the path turned 90 degrees in the wrong direction but I kept following it because it kept drifting more pink
ribbons, but sometimes they weren't so clear...  The hike out was 1.7 miles, 1 hr. 45 min. (105 min), the hike back, 1.1
miles, 1 hr. 15 min. (75 min.).  That's about 3 miles in 3 hrs., including breaks.
12:12 PM @ 004
This is what it looks like.  It's literally a
12:37 PM @ 006
Note the blue ribbon on the right...
12:49 PM @ 007
Trail markers
1:06 PM @ "Blaze"
Someone also cut marks as well as the
1:11 PM @ "Rest"
This is where I stopped to rest...
1:12 PM @ "Rest"
Just an orchid growing wild...
2:01 PM @ 011
On the way back, another look at the
Pearl Ave. Hike
May 18, 2010
Went out again to see if I couldn't explore further.  I got out only another half mile or so then turned back because I was
veering much too far to the west.  If I kept going, I'd run into Crater Rim Trail at the Kilauea caldera...
<--  2:17 PM @ "Tapes"
I lost the trail for a little while (green
marked tree and found my way again....

2:28 PM @ "Rest" -->
2:33 Pm @ "Rest"
I took a break to the side of the path and took this panorama of the path going by from left to
right (or right to left, depending on which way you're going!)
Humidity somewhere above 90%.  I started out wearing long pants.  After 45 minutes I changed into shorts and vest.  I
wasn't hot but I had a sheen of sweat all over me.  It was hard to breathe because of the humidity and I found myself thick
Here's a map of the hike out - lots of detours and dead-ends...  Decisions, decisions...