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Dawn Lava Hike
May 6, 2010
I had to go down to Seaview to do some stuff so I decided to spend the night and go out for a
dawn hike to get some shots of the lava in the dark...
I left the house around 4:20 AM and headed over.  The first surprise I got was to find that the whole County operation had
been moved back a long way.  I was expecting to go to the "Old View Area 3" which was where things were set up the last
time I was out here on
May 1.  Instead, I encountered the barricade at "Gate" and the "Hut" had been moved back quite a
distance as well - over a mile.  And when I got to the old parking area where I parked ("Park") I saw this...
4:47 AM
4:48 AM
The flames and smoke are from the asphalt burning.  I'll be back here later in the daylight...
I met a gentleman there wandering around in the dark with his flashlight.  I was looking for someone he was supposed to
meet but they apparently hadn't showed up.  So once I had taken some pictures of the burning road, I gave him a ride
down my secret road (white line) to the ocean and we hiked out to see the lava (lower green line).  Even before we got to
where the lava was going into the ocean we ran into it at 004...
5:13 AM @ 004
This was taken with a flash...

5:15 AM @ 004
Without the flash
5:22 AM
5:22 AM
I set up my tripod at "Set".  As I shot pictures, I experimented with different shutter speeds and exposure times so you'll see
some variation in the exposures.  Sunrise, by the way, is at 5:50 AM
5:23 AM
5:24 AM
5:25 AM
5:24 AM
5:28 AM
5:29 AM
5:30 AM
5:32 AM
5:31 AM
A look up the
pali before it gets too
light out...
5:34 AM
5:37 AM
We can't get any closer than those
guys there.  Just in front of them, all
that light-colored lava is HOT!
5:38 AM
Just checking to make sure the sun's gonna come up...
5:42 AM
That's Jose.  We'll see more of him
5:47 AM
5:46 AM
5:48 AM
5:50 AM
Looking back at the lava we
encountered at 004.  That's Jose
Hi sun!
Looks like another beautiful day in