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Lava Hike
February 14 2010
At it again!  The lava's still coming down the hill so I thought I'd go take a look at how it's
changed since I was there
Not too bad of a hike.  Green line out (3.3 miles, 2.5 hours), cyan line while there (0.70 miles, 23 minutes), and magenta
line back (3.2 miles, 2.2 hours).  Total 7.2 miles, 5 hours.  Temp 85-90.  Partly sunny.  Wind 0-15 mph.  A little wind-driven
rain on the way back.  I'm showing the Google Earth image on the left and the 2/3/10 overlay on the right, the pink is the
recent lava flows.  The new flow is coming down in those two clear patches in the upper left.  On the way out, I followed the
edge of the new flow as I did on the way back.  While I was there, I crossed over the new flow to get to the other side so the
cyan line pretty well defines the extent of the flow.  There were also other outbreaks toward the coast...
11:37 AM @ 003
Looking back at where I came through the vegetation to get to the other side.  
That brush is impenetrable and I have to mark the spot where I can get through
with my GPS so I can find it on the way back.  If you look close, you can see an
orange surveyor's ribbon someone has tied to a fallen branch
11:48 AM @ 006
And that's where I'm going - the bottom
of that vegetation on the hill - about 2
miles away
12:46 AM @ 008
12:49 AM @ "Unit"
I came across this gizmo.  It's a motion-activated camera intended for capturing wildlife...
12:51 PM @ "Unit"
There's some people at "3pod", a
remote camera installed by the USGS
people.  See bottom of
previous page...
12:57 PM @ 010
There's lava flowing, to the right of that
mound with the tripod on top.  The
helicopters were almost continuous...
1:03 PM @ 013
A little closer...
1:03 PM @ 013
Zoom.  See?
1:16 PM @ 017
1:19 PM @ 018
Hot stuff!  Watch your step!
1:20 PM @ 018
A couple of places...
1:20 PM @ 018
Zoom.  You can really see the distortion from the heat waves...
1:20 PM @ 018
More hot stuff.  It's really hard to see
because it's the same color as the
cooled lava.
1:22 PM @ "Poke"
Run in, poke the lava and take a
picture, and run out, getting the hair
on my legs singed from the heat
1:22 @ 019
It's all moving, even the silver stuff...
1:09 PM @ 015
1:23 PM
MOVIE (25.1 MB)
1:24 PM
MOVIE (32.7 MB)
1:26 PM @ 021
MOVIE (17.1 MB)
1:28 PM @ 022
I love the patterns made by the lava on
the hill...
1:30 PM @ 023
1:32 PM @ 024
You can just make out the orange glow
at the edges of the flow.  Otherwise,
you have no way of telling the hot
liquid lava (above) from the cool solid
lava (foreground).
1:34 PM @ "Poke 2"
2:20 PM @ 028
Walked right up to the slope but couldn't go any further.  It started to get too hot.
2:20 PM @ 028
Amazing patterns...
2:30 PM @ 030
I'm walking over to this:  trees on fire
2:33 PM @ 031
<-- 2:34 PM @ 031

2:38 PM @ 034 -->

I couldn't really get any closer due to
hot lava and that A'a flow (the dark
stuff) so I turned around and headed
2:54 PM @ 036

There's still a little piece of roadway...
More images from the HVO website
A look from above the pali, looking
down.  The new lava is the lighter grey
stuff.  I hiked up the left side of the
flow, then circled around the bottom
and went up the right side.
Views from below.  I hiked up the right side then circled around below the flow
and up the left side.