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Lava Hike (continued)
January 15, 2010
12:12 PM @ 026
12:16 PM @ 027
12:59 PM @ 031
Onward to Royal Gardens.  I'm heading toward that little patch of vegetation on the right (a "kipuka")
<--   1:09 PM
Approaching my
kipuka.  I'm going to
crawl into the shade under that mango
tree and take a break!
Relaxing in the shade,   -->
here's a record of my trip so far:
3.71 miles hiked
Max. Speed 4.5 mph (?)
Moving time 2 hr 13 min
Stopped 33 min 50 sec
1:52 PM @ Street
There's a street in the distance
1:52 @ Street
Zoomed in
1:52 @ Street
Same street on this end
1:58 PM
2:01 PM
End of the road
2:06 PM
Heading back to where I came from
2:27 PM @ 042
Heading back.  I'm aiming for that little
white dot in the middle of the
vegetation.  The ocean entry is just off
to the right.
2:48 PM @ "Ohia"
One little Ohia in the middle of absolutely nothing
1:48 PM to the right of "Street"
A panorama of
Royal Gardens from the side.  My kipuka is on the far left.  The vegetation
center to right is the larger
kipuka that can be seen from a distance.
1:55 PM
The street is just to the left of center
3:44 PM near "Camp"
This is an inviting piece of shade...
An abandoned camp...
the viewing area