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Lava Hike
December 17, 2009
I've been wanting to go out to where I used to start my hikes before the lava flow covered the end of
  the road so I uploaded the old start place (2-28 Start) to my GPS and hiked out there, just to see  
what it looked like.  Once I got there, I decided to hike on out to the coast and see if I couldn't get
an angle on seeing the lava entering the ocean.  I've been avoiding going out to the ocean entry
because of the dire warnings posted on the
HVO web page:

HAZARD ALERT: The lava delta and adjacent areas both inland and out to sea are some of the most hazardous
areas on the flow field. Frequent delta/bench collapses give little warning, can produce hot rock falls inland and in
the adjacent ocean, and can produce large local waves. The steam plume produced by lava entering the ocean
changing conditions near the ocean entry have been responsible for many injuries and a few deaths.
Hike out (green line), hike back (magenta line).  The blue line on the right image marks the path to the public viewing area.  
The pink areas show recent lava flows, the red areas show the most recent flows. The dull yellow line marks the lava tube
through which the lava is flowing to the ocean.
11:15 AM
At the top of the path to the viewing
area, you can see that the wind is
blowing inland.  Could be a problem...
At the head of the trail there's this sign -->
Day View: Only Steam
Night View: RED GLOW
w/ occasional explosions
*minimal to NO view
of Flowing Lava.
*Viewing Area is 1/2 mile
from ocean entry.
11:17 AM @ Hut
Pu'u O'o steaming just above the ridge (pali).  Notice which way the
wind's blowing:  East.  That means
Pahoa, Kea'au, and Hilo are getting it...
11:26 AM @ 006
Another view of the
pali without the
bushes in the way.
11:26 AM @ 006
And a panorama to show how freaking empty this land is.  Note also the haze...
This is also how it looks at "2-28 Start"
12:13 PM @ 012
See the pier-to-post connectors?  
There used to be a house here.  If you
look really close you can see it in the
left map image above - the little white
circle just at the end of the "2" in "012"
<-- 11:30 AM @ 007
There's people out there.  It's the
USGS people doing their thing...

12:04 PM @ 011 -->
That cloud's blowing right at me.  I
think I ought to get out of here...
And here it is from 4/3/07.  I don't think they ever got it finished before it got wiped out...
12:38 PM @ 013
A vent over the lava tube
12:41 PM @ 015
12:42 PM @ 015
12:46 PM @ 018
Looking at "Vent 2"
12:47 PM @ 018
"Vent 2"
1:02 PM @ 019
It's hot, I'm tired, I'm looking for shade
1:31 PM @ "Rest 2"
1:33 PM @ "Rest 2"
For some reason, that little hill in the
trees looks interesting...
1:42 PM @ "Camp"
An old campsite.  Looks like somebody
lived here for awhile.  Then left
everything behind.  Kind of sad...
1:56 PM @ 021
I'm heading in the direction of that lone
palm tree in the distance.  My car is
about halfway there...
over behind where the plume is.  On my way back, I stopped by those vents you can see on
the right.