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Whittington Beach Park
November 11, 2009
On my first day back from Massachusetts, Robin and I decided to do a little road trip.  We
headed for Whittington Beach Park.  On the way we stopped at the Buddhist Temple in Wood
Valley and then stopped at the black sand beach at Punaluu to watch the newly hatched sea
turtles make their way to the ocean
We didn't see any turtles but we saw a lot of signs!
Enough signs!  Here's the beach...
At Whittington Beach Park, there was this interesting tree...
This is a newly protected area next to
the park.  Some outfit wanted to come
but they got stopped by the local
Lava Hike
November 25, 2009
them to me.  I finally got a chance to get out and see how the lava was doing since I'd been
there last on October 31, just before leaving for the mainland...
My mission this time was to try and get out to the former end of the road (shown by the white line with the round area at the
end of it.  I hiked out (green line) but it kept getting too hot so I finally turned back (magenta line) and tried to find the back
side of the "lavafall" I'd seen on
10/30.  When I got back home and put the overlay of the latest lava flow on (right image) it
became clear why it was getting so hot!  That yellow line you see indicates where the lava tube is through which the lava is
flowing to the ocean!  The pink is earlier lava flows and the red is the most recent flow.  The blue line shows the path to the
public viewing area...
1:18 PM
On the way out to "Park" I stopped to
Looks like 2 lava tubes in action...
1:33 PM @ "Park"
Looks like my buddies from USGS are
making the maps I use for the overlays
1:51 PM @ 004
Another look at the
pali.  There are two
running diagonally from right to left
1:55 PM @ 006
While take the previous photo, I saw
this white thing and zoomed in on it.  I'll
have to check it out on the way back...
1:41 PM
Here's a panorama of what's ahead looking at the
End Of Road (EOR)
1:49 PM @ 004
Looking back at the visitor's area where I just came from...
1:55 PM @ 006
A panorama looking north, the lava tubes down the
pali on the left looking back toward where
I've just come from, off the picture to the right...
2:05 PM @ "Post"
This fence post looks well-embedded
so it wasn't put in after the flow but is a
relic from before...
2:11 PM @ 007
Another look at the
pali from a little
2:22 @ 008
This is interesting.  The lava flowed all around this
cooled the lava enough so that it didn't burn.  Notice
2:29 PM @ "White"
bags tied together - a marker of some
2:33 PM @ 010
I'm trying to get around behind the
Lavafall" to find the path it took to get
2:50 PM @ 012
The "
Lavafall" from 10/30.
I park my car in such a way that I can sneak in the back way and jump in my car
in case there's someone in authority who might give me trouble for hiking during
off hours...