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November 2-10, 2009
I went to Massachusetts to visit for a week.  Just for the fun of it, I used my GPS.  It seemed to
work OK except that it lost the satellites about halfway across...  Flying doesn't bother me but
claustrophobia does...
My Dad & I went up to the cabin he'd
built in
Whitingham, VT some My Dad
& I went up to the cabin he'd built in
Whitingham, Vermont some built in
Whitingham, Vermont some years ago.
 I helped split up some years ago.  I
helped split up some firewood - he's
getting a little creaky and has a little
trouble doing it these days.  He built
the cabin himself: cutting down the
trees, dragging them to the site, them
into place.  He also built the fireplace
and chimney...  I'm very impressed!
On another day, we went up to Henniker, NH where the
family burial plots are located, going back several
generations.  Henniker is where my grandfather grew up on
the family farm
That's my Dad in front and his younger
brother, Theodore, Ted, who we've
always called "Uncle T".
This is where I was relative to Boston and New York City.  As you can see, I was in three
states during my visit.  For reference, the distance from
Bradley Airport to Greenfield (cyan
line) is about 60 miles, all interstate;
Greenfield to Henniker, NH (red line) is roughly 80 miles
on good secondary roads;
Greenfield to Whitingham, VT is a little over 20 miles on back roads.
Dad & Mom live conveniently right off the Greenfield exit from Interstate 91.  Even more conveniently, the "extended care
facility" (
not nursing home!), Charlene Manor, is right outside the back door of the condo that Dad is living in.  He's able
to just walk over every day to visit Mom.  They're both 89.  Dad can still get around pretty good but Mom had a stroke some
years ago and has difficulty getting messages from her brain to her muscles.  She has difficulty standing or walking or
speaking, but still seems to be in there.  Sometimes she's alert and engaged and sometimes she's spaced out.  She almost
always seems to be in good humor.  I like her.  She's like a little pixie!  Everybody at the care facility likes her too.
The weather was really nice while I was
there so we spent a lot of time
wheeling Mom around outside.  That's
my brother, Marc, in the white shirt,
brother Larry in the dark green shirt.
Mom and Marc.  The poster in the
background that I gave here years ago
says, "
Just when I knew all of life's
answers, they changed all the
the three brothers, Me (61) on the left, Mom (89), Marc (55), and Larry (59) on
the right.  Oldest sister Leane (62) had just returned to her home in Montpelier,
Vermont. She has recently retired spends a lot of time visiting and making sure
Mom and Dad are getting what they need and handling all the paperwork
involved in aging - Medicare, care meetings at the facility, retirement funds and
all that junk!