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Lava Hike
October 30, 2009
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Right image identical to left image except for overlay from 10/30 showing the most recent lava flows (dark red).  Previous
flows are shown in lighter red.  I hiked out toward where I'd been on
10/27 (green line) and took pictures of the "lavafall"
vegetation) until I intersected the trail to the vegetation) until I intersected the trail to the
ViewViewing area (yellow line).  
Then I hiked back to the car (magenta line).ing area (yellow line).  Then I hiked back to the car (magenta line).
11:07 AM @ 003
For those of you who haven't been paying attention, this is the area marked "Booth".  To the
flow at "E O R" (
End Of Road)
Here's the E O R...
People standing around the end of the road.  The lava isn't really moving that I
could tell.  What's burning is the asphalt underneath
Over on the right, near "006" is this
11:18 AM @ 006
What's most interesting about this "lavafall" is that it is located right where I rested on 10/27.  Three days ago, I was lying
under a bush in the shade, taking a break.  Now...  Something to think about...
11:29 AM @ "Mov"
Movie (34.9 MB)
11:25 AM
Looking back at end of road and
"Booth" from 007
11:35 AM
11:35 AM
These were taken from the loop in the
yellow line when I was out hiking the
edges of the new lava.  The new lava
is the silvery stuff...
11:52 AM @ "View"
There's this little shelter at the back of
the viewing area.  I stopped in to have
a rest...
This is the view from the shelter...
Movie (34.1 MB)
Movie (25.0 MB)
12:25 PM @ 010
Here are some images from the HVO web page:
From 10/22 of the lava eating up the
Here's an excellent view from 10/29
overlooking the new lava flow.  The
visitors' area are those white
structures you can see on the road.
Another 10/29 view showing the lava
the ocean entry and the flow nearing