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October 25, 2009
When we got up in the morning, we
were greeted by a nice misty day.  It
looked really fairy-like and enchanted...
Today, Robin and I wanted to do something but we didn't want to spend a lot of money on gas so we stayed near home -
Kilauea Caldera!  So we went over and parked in a spot near the crater and then walked along the edge.  We found nice
rock to sit on (008) and just hung out enjoying the day and the scenery.
That's Kilauea Iki across the way.
We were down over the edge a little bit so we had a different angle on Halema'uma'u Crater and were looking up at
Jaggar Museum and the Hawaii Volcano Observatory (HVO)
Down in the caldera, there was this little growth of vegetation near a steam vent, sort of like an oasis...
I walked over to Jaggar Museum.  
What's this thing sloping down from the
observatory?  I have no idea...
At the bottom of the hill up to Jaggar, I
look back on where I've been...
The view of the crater from Jaggar gives a different view.  You can now see
down into the crater to the vent.
The same view as above only from
above at Jaggar
Back down from Jaggar, some shots of Robin to give things a little scale...
A panorama of the crater - 8 pictures stitched together.  The long low building to the right of
the tree in the foreground is Volcano House.  On the right, you can see HVO with Jaggar
Museum on the far side of it.  The rock in the very right front corner of the picture is "008".  
One day I hiked from the far side of
Kilauea Iki to the Halema'uma'u Crater and then to
Volcano House and back to the car atop Kilauea Iki (page 40).
Another little lava hike
October 27, 2009
<-- This is the USGS crew that goes
out and maps the edges of the new
lava flows to put on the maps I use for
overlays.  They basically use the same
GPS I use and simply walk the edges
like I do!
<-- This is what the road looks like now

This is what it looked like on 9/12/09 -->
And here's a panorama for you!
I'd heard the lava had encroached on the road so I went out to take a look.  I must have been spaced out that day because
I accidentally erased my tracks!  All I have for you is the waypoints I marked which gives you some idea where I went...  It
wasn't a very long hike - mostly I just thrashed around in the bushes trying to get around the flow to the sides...  I have
included a map overlay showing the most recent lava flows (dark red).  Older lava flows are shown in lighter red.
10:50 AM @ 003
Looking back at where I took the previous pictures from.  That's the USGS crew deploying - one half of the crew will go
one way and half will go the other, walking around the edges of the new lava flows to map their edges.
Here's what it looked like on 9/12/09