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Lava Hike
October 16, 2009
Here's a plot of my route.  It's plotted on an overlay map from 10/16 of the latest lava flow info from the Kilauea Update
page.  The pink areas are lava flows since 2/28/08.  The darker red area (top left corner) is the new lava.  When I started
out, I tried to stay on the old road (with no references whatsoever).  When the ground started getting too hot for comfort, I
veered to the north in search of surface lava.  It turned out that I was following the lava tube through which the lava is
flowing to the sea (yellow line).  It got so hot out there, I headed straight for the nearest shade to rest.  After I rested, I
almost turned back but decided on one last try.  I finally found the lava flow, poked it with my stick, and headed back to the
car, satisfied (magenta line)...
12:34 PM
12:56 PM @ 004
It's really hot out here!  Where can I
find some shade?
1:28 PM @ "Shade"
I was feeling faint by the time I crawled
into these bushes for some relief from
the sun.
1:28 PM @ "Shade"
After I had rested, I crawled out and considered heading back to the car.  While I was thinking
about it, I took this panorama of my bush.  I realized that the silvery lava out there was new
lava - not so far away!  Let's give it a go...
1:34 PM @ 005
So I headed toward it...
1:41 PM @ "L07"
"L" for lava - I could just make out the
orange glow at the tip of the lava flow
1:44 PM approaching 007
All that silvery stuff is hot new lava
1:45 PM approaching 007
1:45 PM approaching 007
There's a helicopter at the top of the
1:50 PM @ 007
OK, there it is...
The noise from the helicopters is almost constant as everyone has come out to look at the lava.
<-- 1:54 PM - Here's a movie (16.6 MB)
And another (34.7 MB) -->

See, it isn't dangerous.  I can walk
faster than that!  But it sure is hot!
1:59 PM
Having poked my hiking stick into the
hot lava and set it on fire, I can head
home a happy guy!
2:44 PM @ E O R
Did I say it was hot?  I had just gotten
back onto pavement when I decided I
needed to crawl into the bushes again
for some shade.
3:03 PM @ 011
Almost back to the car, it's good to get
into the shade...
Another Lava Hike
October 22, 2009
So I went to see...
Both the same image:  one without and one with the overlay map from Kilauea Update page for 10/22.  They don't show the new lava flows
because they are on top of the older ones.
A friend called and said she'd heard that the lava flow was approaching the road.  The Kilauea Update page said it was too.  So I made a quick
Road) but I chose to go around to the north (green line).  I got to "010" and saw that the new lava extended all the way to the vegetation and I
couldn't get through to the road from that direction.  I went back around (magenta line) and was going to go out the road and approach the lava
from that direction.  As I neared the "Booth" at the top of the trail to the viewing area, I saw  county pickup truck go by.  Not wanting to get busted
for being there before the place opened, I turned around and went back to the car and skedaddled.
2:11 PM
What's the definition of optimist?
Not even out to the parking area and I
saw this new house going up...
2:25 PM @ 003
The activity on the
2:39 PM @ 007
That's the new stuff...
A view of the plume, the new (silvery) lava, the heat waves coming off it, and the
ever-present helicopters...
2:43 PM @ "Poke"
The stick is on fire but the wind is
blowing so hard that you can't see the
2:41 PM between 007 and "Poke"
2:51 PM @ 010
2:45 PM @ "Poke"
The lava has cut across to the bushes.  I can't get through to the road so I have
to go back around the way I came...
Here's an aerial photograph taken today that I downloaded from the HVO web page.  It gives a
really good view of where everything is...
back again.  The road from the visitors' parking goes out the bottom of the picture.