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Plume, wind direction
Chain of Craters Road
October 10, 2009
As usual, I'm watching the plume from the lava ocean entry every time I go by.
This morning, the wind was blowing in an unusual direction  - from the west.
And in the afternoon it had veered around, blowing from the southwest.
Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park, lying in the grass and watching the clouds go by in the
beautiful blue sky.  Later on, Robin went home to take a nap.  I wanted to stay outside so I It
was an absolutely gorgeous day, even for Hawaii.  Robin and I spent the day hanging out in
decided to take a drive down Chain of Craters road (yellow line).  For reference, I have a hike
Mauna Ulu, which I got a good view today.
See?  Clouds.  Blue sky.  I wasn't lying!
Just a couple of interesting signs at the head of the trail from the Visitor's Center
to Jaggar Museum.
We had heard there was going to be a hula show (not the tourist kind, but the "real" kind - you know, cultural and all
that).  But we missed it - got there too late.  This is where they hold these events.
When I first got there, this woman was
doing a Hawaiian chant on the platform
We have almost every single type of
climate on this island.
The quote is by Mark Twain
Here's an illustration of the
Halema'uma'u vent
And here's the vent...
The road beyond Jaggar is closed off
all the way around to the top of Chain
of Craters road because of the fumes
from the Halema'uma'u vent
4:33 PM @ 009
Mauna Ulu
4:43 PM @ 010
Mauna Ulu
4:45 @ 011
Mauna Ulu
4:55 @ 012
That's the Waikupanaha ocean entry down the coast, 9 miles away
Looking back up the hill -
Lookit the vog!
5:07 @ 016