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those warning signs at "Gate 2", we decided to go down South Point Road and approach it from that direction.  The
location marked "Peel" was where we stopped to strip down from our warm Volcano clothes into our warm weather clothes.
This should confuse you nicely!  This is the track of where we drove.  The green line is the route down from the highway.  I
marked the furthest south we got as "South" (18d54'40.65"N).  The line changes to yellow as we start along the coast
toward Green Sands Beach.  Robin got out of the car and walked at where the yellow line meets the magenta line (the
drive back out) because the terrain was so rough.  Where the yellow line diverges to the north, I found a relatively smooth
The blue lines are where I got out and walked.
<-- Sign as we near South Point

"Marker" -->
The first phase of our exploration.  Notice all the roads.  When vehicles drive over the land, it breaks through the surface
grass to the extremely fine sandy soil underneath.  This erodes and is churned up by other vehicles until the ruts grow to
as much as 3 or 4 feet deep.  So somebody cuts another trail...  It gets really confusing trying to find the right road...
chose not to walk up there and disturb the dead people.  The photo on the right is looking up the hill to the "Wind Farm".  
The wind blows strong and steady here at South Point as it is today...
This was taken just south of "Stop 1" of the various weird formations.  The black is lava, the
brown in the middle is very, very hard sand - almost like cement.  Above that you can see the
This was taken where the blue line comes to a point where I turn back to the car.  It looks like a
number of local families have found themselves a beach...
Finally, the Green Sands Beach.  How
how.  Not so bad.  But getting out
again looks a little hard.  The beach
doesn't look all that inviting either:  it's
pretty steep...  We never went down.  
There were much better spots to get in
the water on the way back...
Taken at "004", this is a good example of the maze of roads.  Which one is the right road?  
Which one is the most passable?
Most people park back at where the yellow and magenta lines meet and walk in...
Seen from above,this is what it looks like.  The yellow line is the route taken the first time.  The
pink line is the route coming back looking for Robin who is walking along the coast.  The
orange line is the route taken after finding Robin and continuing up to the Green Sands
Beach.  The magenta line is the trip back.
And here's a view looking back at the terrain from the
top of the ridge around Green Sands Beach...
or walls near the coast.  We don't know if they were foundations or pens for animals or just