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Explore South Point (continued)
September 28, 2009
We came across this big stump...
The road ahead
We came to this spot I marked
"Shade".  It was really hot out there
and the shade was welcome.
Looking back at where we came from.  
The car is parked in the bushes on the
left where that red flag is.
Looking back at where we came from.  
If you look really close, you can see
Robin in the water on the right.
The road ahead...
We came upon this beautiful bay with a
small grove of palms.  I marked it as
"Grove" so we could find it again.
There was this stone wall nearby.  I
don't know what it was for or who built
or when.  It continued on up to where
I've marked "Wall 3"
At "Gate 2" there were these signs.  
This is looking back...  Ooops!
I spliced this image together to show where we were in relation to the Green Sands Beach and South Point.  We had
intended to continue on down the coast until we reached Green Sands and then exit by way of
South Point Road.  It was
an ambitious idea, by the time we reached "Gate 2", it was 3:30 and sunset this time of year is around 6:00 so we would
another 14 miles to the highway by way of South Point...