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Kehena Hike 2 (continued)
July 5, 2009
1:17 PM @ "009"
trees up there after getting through
this damned
2:14 PM @ "012"
12:58 PM approaching "A'a 2"
Notice how the rocks are rounded where the ocean comes in and how sharp the edges are
where the water doesn't get...
1:05 PM @ "A'a 2"
This is
A'a lava as opposed to the pahoehoe which is nice and smooth like pancake batter or
something.  Image trying to walk through this shit!
1:31 PM @ "Cliff"
Looking back, I had to climb down this to get back to level ground.  Do not want to slip on this shit!
1:45 PM, time for lunch!
Found some good shade under a nice little clump of palm trees and let the breeze cool me off while
I ate and relaxed for awhile.  2:13 PM back on the road again!
2:20 PM
Lava in Royal Gardens
The plume at Waikupanaha with the kipuka I hiked on 5/16 to the left
2:47 PM @ "Skeleton"
My guess is it's a pig.  There are lots
of wild pigs around.
3:08 PM @ "Pu'u O'o"
Pu'u O'o vent above Royal Gardens
3:50 PM approaching "End A'a" from the south.
I went around the big
A'a field but didn't mind going through this little one
--the "Kipuka" hike on 5/16 (blue line out, red line back)
"Kaimu" walk on 6/14 (yellow out, orange back)
--the first
"Kehena" hike on 6/28 (cyan out, pink back)
--the second
"Kehena hike on 7/5 (green out, magenta back)
Kawa'a Beach
August 23, 2009
Robin and I decided to do some exploring - something we hadn't done in a while.  Robin had
heard about a beach somewhere between
Pahala and Whittington Beach Park.  We
decided to go investigate.  We stopped in Pahala to get something to eat and the local people
there gave us directions on how to find it.  We found out the beach's name was
Kawa'a.  The
Punalu'u and heard imagery from Google Earth sucks so I can't give you a good close-up
view of the beach and decided  so we where we went...
This is what a "beach" looks like on
The Big Island
A local residence?
<-- They even have restrooms...
This is a Hawaiian Sovereignty flag -->
"This is not America, this the sovereign
nation of Hawaii".
Here's a 180 degree panorama of the beach area.  My back is to the ocean which can be seen
on both the extreme left and right
At the top of the ridge in the background is this awesome heiau.  More of that in a bit...
Here's the heiau.  A heiau is a Hawaiian temple.
Here's a view of the beach from the ridge.  If you look really close, you might be able to see
Robin in a pink shirt in the middle of the photograph.  Isn't she beautiful?
More views of the heiau
That A'a lava is really rough!  Good
thing I'm wearing my hiking shoes!
When I came down from the ridge, I was accosted by this guy.  He was very upset that I'd been up walking around the
heiau.  He ranted for awhile then settled down as he realized I was an OK guy and not some haole snooping around
aiming to build a resort hotel on the property or something.  It turns out his name is Abel and he has been the caretaker
for the property for the last 20 years.  Last year, there had been a confrontation with the county who wanted to buy up
the land to "protect it from development" - which means they want to make a beach park out of it.  Abel says it's
Hawaiian land and wants it to stay that way.
This is Moses.  Apparently he's lost his voice box or something so that all he can do is
wheeze.  Cigarettes?  I don't know.  I was hard to understand him.  Robin did better while
I talked with "Uncle Abel".