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Kayak Hilo Bay
June 29, 2009
I finally got around to getting my kayak wet.  I took a nice 6 mile tour around Hilo Bay.  I paddled straight out to the end
of the breakwater (green line), then followed the breakwater and shoreline all the way around back to my launch point
(magenta line).  At "Dumped" my kayak, for some reason, veered left and I bumped the rocks of the breakwater and
capsized.  No big deal, I was all hot and sweaty anyway and it was a refreshing little dip...
Out at "Canoes" I passed a couple of outrigger canoes.  When those guys really dig in and paddle, those suckers fly!
Coming into the place I marked "Catamarans"
This is a "replica" cat, built to emulate
the original Hawaiian catamarans
This looks like a motorized cat - no
mast.  Look at the beam on her!  Ain't
gonna roll that baby over!
More replica cats
When I got back, the place was
crawling with outrigger canoes.  Must
be a race weekend coming up,
everybody's out for practice.

After practice, they form a circle, hold
hands and chant... -->
Kehena Hike 2
July 5, 2009
Now to fill in the gaps.  Took the Jeep down the last road I'd found before and picked up my hike where I'd left off.  
Green line is the hike down, magenta line, the hike back.  On the way back, I circled around to the road because I didn't
want to walk through the
A'a lava field again...
11:48 AM @ "003"
Looking back at my start point.  My
Jeep is in the center of the photo with
the fishing camp of a couple of guys to
the right.
11:57 AM @ "005"
A look ahead
12:07 PM @ "A'a"
Approaching an
A'a lava flow.  This stuff is really sharp and crumbly and no fun to walk through
12:12 PM @ "End A'a"
That wasn't so bad!
12:55 PM before "A'a 2"
Walking along, my eyes caught on this unusually colored rock amidst all the grey lava rock.  I figured it must be loaded
with iron oxides.  When I finally walked up to it and kicked it, I found out it was a big chunk of Styrofoam!  Well, the other
rock was interesting too!
12:23 PM @ "006"
Looking back
Looking forward, it's starting to look a little "Ruff".