Well, here we go, down into the valley.  Put the Jeep in 4-wheel-drive low range, 1st gear and creep down the hill.  25%
grade means that for every 100 feet forward you go, you go down 25 feet!  A normal steep hill is around 6%.
I didn't take any pictures on the way down.  I was busy hanging onto the steering wheel - and my shorts!
This is a view of the other side, just
to give you an idea of the steepness
we're dealing with.  That zig-zag is a
mule trail I'm told.
I believe these are some of the famous wild horses of Waipio Valley.  They just
hang around the valley since there's really no way out for them.  The little guy is
scratching his butt on the tree.  Robin got out to make friends with him.
Then she made friends with the big guy.  I always thought of wild horses as
creatures that ran with the wind and were forever hard to catch.  These guys
just hung out by the road looking for a handout!
The observation point we looked down
from is up at the far right at the top of
the ridge.
Looking back up the valley
I followed the river up aways to see
what I could see, but I started running
into No Trespassing signs so I
stopped.  Took this picture looking
back down the valley
I love my zoom!  Leber and Robin on
the beach taken from the same spot as
the previous picture.
This is the park we were in
This is farther up the valley.  After we'd
gone swimming, we got back in the car and
drove back into the valley.  We had a good
time fording streams and following the road
that gradually petered out to nothing.  Most
places were marked "No Trespassing" and
we didn't want to intrude, so we just went to
the end and turned around and went back.  
I was driving so no more pictures were
taken, but you get the idea.
This is the park looking the other way
Sunday, April 2
Waipio Valley - heading down
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