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Kipuka Hike
May 16, 2009
I finally had a chance to get away for a hike.  I decided to just go out to the new black sand beach in Kaimu and then
hike the "kipuka" - the island of vegetation along the coast that the lava didn't get to - yet.  The places I took pictures I
marked with numbers so I can locate the spot on the map.  This is the repeat of a hike I did on
3/27/07, over 2 years
ago.  My how time flies!
10:30 AM
Here's a view from the usual spot.  Wind is from the south, blowing the plume up over the island.  
I'm going to hike to the vegetation just to the left of the plumes which is not as far as the plumes are.
10:51 AM
This is a 180-degree panoramic view of where I'm going.  First, I'm headed out the cinder path
where the people are to where you can see the ocean.  Then I'm going to hike to that little
which runs along the coast almost to where the lava is going into the ocean.
10:52 AM
Halfway out to the beach, there's this
sign off to the right.  To the left of the
sign in the distance you can see the
kipuka behind some houses.  That's
where I'm going.  What sign?
11:00 AM
Here's the new black sand beach
being formed.  It looks like they've
already installed the wahines.  This girl
was taking pictures of her friends (I
assume they're friends) for a good 15
minutes.  I guess she was trying to
catch the surf or something.  At this
beach, you don't really want to go in
the water.  The beach is steep and if
you're not careful you can be washed
out to sea.  Next stop, Antarctica.
11:30 AM at 007
A panoramic view of the end of the kipuka with the vog from the plumes in the background.
Yes, those are houses out there.
12:15 AM at 008
Views of the plumes with various zooms.  The distance is 2 miles.
12:25 PM @ 011
12:30 PM @ Fishing Camp
12:54 PM approaching Fox Beach
12:56 PM @ Fox Beach
1:13 PM @ Fox Beach
1:41 PM looking back at Fox Beach
Fox Beach is a very steep beach of pebbles.  I was very hot and tired when I got there so I stripped off my clothes and
didn't want to get any deeper because it's a steep beach and very rough and I didn't like my chances if I actually got into
that surf.  Remember, next stop Antarctica.  Besides, I didn't relish getting smashed on the rocks.  Anyway, I had a good
rest and cooled down before moving on.
There were a number of these walls
perpendicular to the shore...
1:56 PM @ 013
There's people out there.  They're not supposed to be there.  The county has the area closed off because it's too
dangerous...  Even I don't go out there.
<-- Another one of those walls

(2:45 PM) I finally stumbled out of the
bushes and found the designated
viewing area.  It wasn't open yet - they
don't open until 5:00. -->
1:53 PM @ 012
On the way home, a look back