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A Little Housecleaning (continued)
The wind's blowing from the south which means that Hilo gets the vog!
But not us!  We're East.  Normal tradewinds are from the northeast...
Robin learning how to weave palm
there's an Entering Tsunami
Evacuation Area
sign at the bottom of
our street.  I don't understand why the
little guy is running toward the tsunami.
 Must be a surfer...
From "Rainbow Photo" looking past
Kehena Beach, hidden in the cove
down there.
And from "View of plume"
And the other end...
Kilauea, Lizard
October 18, 2008
Robin and Cathy and I took a trip up to Kilauea just to hang out and enjoy the weather.  Cathy and Robin made a new
The Halema;uma'u plume from Volcano House.  The wind is blowing southwest.  
The closed area shown in the poster is directly away from the viewpoint.
This poster shows the path of the lava to the
sea.  On
2/28/08, I was at the bottom of the
hill, just before the lava hung that big left turn.
"lava lake" was where the lava runs
across from left to right.  The old road and the
parking area were just about where the lava
turns right again and heads to the sea.
Our family Jeeps, mine on the left, hers
on the right
Cathy & Robin & friend (on Robin's right shin)
Download these pictures then play them back fast in a slide show - it'll make a movie...