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A Little Housecleaning (continued)
woods that looked like a summer camp, with pavilions where people could come and picnic and stuff.  While up there, we
also did some exploring.  We did some exploring on the way back as well, looking for the place where a friend of Robin's,
Michelle was planning to build a house.  Sorry, no pictures, I was driving!
Exploring around Kalopa
Looking for Michelle's house site.  All those trees are a macadamia nut orchard.
<-- At the end of one of the roads near
We got a kick out of this sign.  We
liked the little guy running... -->
Some orchids that Robin planted at
Makuu.  Yeah, they just grow all over
the place around here.  Another name
for the Big Island is the Orchid Island.
Makuu moonrise
If it looks a little crooked, it's because
it's only 3/4 full.
Makuu doesn't have electricity so...
Sunrise @ Makuu
Robin at the house.  We basically live on the porch.  The house is for storage.  The "kitchen" is outside on the other
side of the house - a covered patio with a gas burner and a gas refrigerator.
After the sunrise, Robin and I decided to do some more exploring.  First, we drove up to Volcano House for the
breakfast buffet.  On the way up there, we saw our friends
Trevor & Rhoda and followed them to where they were
building a house over looking
Pu'u O'o.  Then we went and had breakfast.  After breakfast, we drove down Chain of
Craters Road
(green line) to see what we could see.  At the end of the road, it was completely deserted.  It used to be
really busy when there was lava going into the ocean in Volcanoes National Park.  Now, it's flowing into the ocean at
Waikupanaha, which is on Hawaii County property.  After goofing around down there for awhile, we went up and got
some tree ferns at "E O R" (
End Of Road) for planting at Makuu.  Then we drove all the way down to a place called
Bellyacres", near my house, a performing arts center where Robin was scheduled to help serve food at a benefit for
our local mail-woman whose house had burned down.
Here are some pictures of that plume I keep showing you from the other side.  This is were it goes.  These were taken
from the spot marked "View".
bottom of the hill where everyone used
to park to hike out and see the lava.