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A Little Housecleaning
7/21/08 6:42 PM
Coast @ Makuu house
Photos taken at "Pix 3"
The plume from Seaview mailboxes
7/29/08 10:27 AM
Makuu house
Robin's workbench in the garage
The view from my hammock
Hike to Pu'u Huluhulu (marked "Rain").  Robin and I tried a hike out along the Napau Crater Trail toward Pu'u O'o.  
We had heard that there were views of the Pu'u O'o vent.  As it turned out, it started to rain` and we couldn't see a thing
so we had to turn back...
Breakfast buffet at Volcano House on
the edge of an active volcano.
Our favorite!
On our hike, we come across a bunch
of tree molds...
Tree molds are created when lave flows around a tree.  The sap and moisture in the tree prevents it from catching on
fire right away.  The lava mounds up around it and cools until the tree finally catches on fire and burns away, leaving
these bizarre shapes.
A moth taking a nap on one of the tree
molds.  The wingspan on this guy is
probably about 4"
Tree molds
We hike up Pu'u Huluhulu which is
the side of an old overgrown cinder
cone.  When we got to the top, it
started to rain like hell and fogged in.
Makuu house.  Notice how
shaded it is from the big roof

One of our favorite sports at Makuu -->
is watching the waves.  Just to the left,
in the calm water, are tidal pools where
we sit and soak...
8/10/08 6:00 AM
Sunrise @
8/12/08 8:30 AM
This keeping tabs on the ocean entry.  
Notice the little plume to the right --
another ocean entry starting up.
Napau Crater Trail hike
August 3, 2008