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Kayak Hilo Bay
July 17, 2008
7/14/08, 9:28 AM
7/14/08, 9:31 AM
7/14/08, 3:23 PM
Note change in wind direction
After about a 3 month hiatus, I finally
got my kayak back in the water for a
short 3 mile paddle up the river to the
falls.  The canoe clubs were out in force
- looked like teenagers...
Lava Explosions @ Ocean Entry
July 19, 2008
The plume from the Waikupanaha ocean entry had been looking so magnificent, I finally decided to brave the tourists
and go have another look...
(5:41 PM) A look at the plume from the
parking area.
(5:42 PM) Up ahead (by the blue tent roof) is the turn-off to the viewing area.  
In the right-hand photo, there's a little dot next to the plume.  That's an airplane.
(5:45 PM) There's that plane again,
circling the plume.  It's a twin-engine...
(5:50 PM)Looking up at Royal Gardens.  Still got some surface flows up there...
(6:08 PM) Set up at "Set"
6:09 PM
6:10 PM
6:10 PM
6:12 PM
Check out the tornadoes or waterspouts or whatever they are...
6:13 PM
The temperature differentials among the lava, the ocean, and the air, must be phenomenal...
6:13 PM
6:18 PM
6:19 PM
6:20 PM
6:33 PM
6:33 PM
6:14 PM
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Check out the boat
6:36 PM
6:36 PM
6:36 PM
6:36 PM
6:45 PM
6:38 PM
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These are some serious explosions going on here...!
6:50 PM