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6/27/08, 3:10 PM
Maku'u sunrise
6/29/08, 6:14 AM
Mauna Loa
July 6, 2008
Robin and I decided to take another trip up Mauna Loa.  I wanted to explore what was called the Hilo-Kona Road on
maps (the grey line that extends past the green one), and the Observatory Trail that leads from the end of the road at
the Observatory up to the summit of Mauna Loa. Last time we were here was
On the way up Saddle Road from Hilo
(yellow line), Robin spotted this
heart-shaped formation on the side of
Mauna Kea.
Hilo-Kona Road goes straight as an
arrow across the side of Mauna Loa
Look at all the different lava flows...
We're at an elevation of about 7000
I took a picture of this marker and
Robin noticed something just to the left
and behind it...
It's a hat!
Good eye, Robin!
Look out!  A curve in the road!
And vegetation ahead!
Mauna Kea across the way.
Look at the different lava flows in the saddle between the two monster
<-- A sign (with bullet holes):

Let's see if I've got this straight, if I handle
unexploded ammunition, I might be
prosecuted?  I guess that's assuming I'm
still there!


The road continues straight through a
veritable oasis of vegetation -->
Drat!  A gate!  I hate gates!
Look, it's unlocked!  Let's just go
through it!
Well...  Maybe not...
We liked this nice smooth pahoehoe lava layered over the rougher stuff below
like icing on a cake...
Another look at the varied lava flows
on the side of Mauna Loa
So turned around and headed on up the mountain (cyan line)
When we pulled off the side of the
road for
lunch, I took these pictures of
the road ahead and the observatory in
the clouds.
The paved road ends at the observatory but continues as a trail.  I wanted to continue on and see how far I could get in
the Jeep but we were sick of being knocked around by the rough road and decided to head on down and go home.  I'll
be back again someday - stay tuned!
A 180-degree panorama of Mauna Kea with the sign on the left and the road we came in on on the right
A panorama of Mauna Kea as we head up the side of Mauna Loa
Another panorama of Mauna Kea, the peak being some 17 miles away.  Check out all the lava
flows in the valley...
A panorama of the observatory.  They don't let people in here.  I'll bet they're talking to flying
saucers and shit in there!  We're at an elevation of around 11,000 feet.