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June 25, 2008
Robin and I took a walk out to the coast from the Makuu house (green line out, magenta line
back).  We located two tidal pools suitable for basking and I took some pictures of the
petroglyphs carved in the lava rock by the ancient Hawaiians
Robin test-driving one of the tidal pools
A black sand beach in the making...
I wonder what this was for...
I splashed a little water on them to see if I couldn't bring them out some...
I've cleared some of the brush away in the middle of the field so we can now
see the ocean.  We really like the lighting at this time of day...
And some photos exposed for the sky...
Ellen came over for a visit from the other side of the island to check out the new situation at Maku'u
Down the coast, some kids were playing in the surf, Big Island style...
Tide Pools, Petrogpyphs @ Maku'u
June 13, 2008