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Wai Opae Tidal Pools
June 4, 2008
I got a call from a representative of the Homeowner's Association of "Vacationland", an area of
Kapoho where the Wai Opae Tidal Pools are located.  There's a road that runs right along the
coast that is subject to erosion from high tides and they wanted to look into repairing.  As a
step in the process, the official shoreline as to be determined which is defined as the highest
point of the high tide.  So on this day we met with a representative of the University of Hawaii
who would make this determination.  Also along for the ride were myself, as the engineer, a
couple of guys from a surveying company to mark the high tide locations, some people from
the Planning Board, and some of the interested homeowners.  I arrived around 2:00 and
waited around for everyone else to show up.  Gradually, the various people came.  We all
walked around and talked and pointed at things while we waited for high tide, around 5:00.
Standing in the road, waiting for high tide.  L to R, guy from Planning Board; Chris, the high tide expert; in back, a
couple just walking through; in straw hat, Dan, the surveyor; in back, one of the homeowners; in blue taking pictures,
Niels, the head of the surveying company; then two other homeowers.  The ocean is off to the right.
L to R, Planning Board guy, high tide
expert, surveyor
L to R:  Chris, the high tide expert;
Niels, head of the surveying company
Dan, surveyor
L to R:  Chris, Planning Board, Niels, Planning Board lady, Dan
L to R:  Dan, Niels, Chris, another
Planning Board lady.
Niels & Dan
Looking back at where we were
parked.  Ocean's on the left
Niels & homeowners
One of the houses on the ocean side
of the road
Dan, the surveyor, and a bunch of the
homeowners.  Chris, the shoreline
expert is in the back with the striped
shirt and his hat on backwards.
The tide's starting to do down.  I
thought this was a pretty shot.
Chris & Dan, with a homeowner in the
More Waikupanaha plume
June 6, 2008
These shots of the plume are taken from the mail boxes at the bottom of my subdivision.
4:54 PM
Photos taken from the usual place,
View of plume"
That plume is getting pretty big!
Wind from the southeast
Another couple of shots of the Maku'u
The left photo is taken from near the
house looking back up the road to the
main road (where the gate is).
6/7/08, 12:20 PM
6/10/08, 1:00 PM
6/11/08, 1:45 PM
6/12/08, 10:40 AM
6/12/08, 10:40 AM
6/12/08, 5:30 PM
6/12/08, 5:30 PM