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Kilauea Vog
May 22, 2008
Went out to check out the plume at Halema'uma'u Crater and this is what we saw... or didn't see, as it were!  The
rangers there had little sensors in their hands to detect the concentration of nasty gases in the air.  It doesn't bode well
when they're wearing their air filters!  We decided to go someplace else!
For comparison, this is what it
looked like on April 27 -->
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5/27/08, 4:53 PM
5/27/08, 4:53 PM
5/28/08, 10:37 AM
I keep taking pictures of it because it's so beautiful.  Any day that I leave home, I'm driving by this spot.  It's such an
intense reminder that I live just down the road from a live volcano!  Puts one in his place!
Robin found this incredible situation on Craig's List on the Internet:  a couple had bought this house that they wanted to
fix up but were heavily involved in dealing with other properties and needed someone to stay there and take care of the
place for them - rent free - until they were able to deal with it.  It was an abandoned house without telephone, electricity,
or water.  The house was wired and plumbed but there are no utilities in that part of the island.  The house had had a
generator and a catchment water tank but the generator had been stolen and the catchment tank had collapsed.  It had
been owned by an old Hawaiian woman ("Auntie") until she had died some years ago and the property had been idle
and deteriorating for several years.  Robin now lives there, catching rainwater from the roof gutters in buckets and using
candles and kerosene lamps for lighting.  We've arranged a propane refrigerator and stove and she's as happy as a pig
in shit!  We spend a great deal of time just sitting on the porch looking at the clouds or down at the ocean sitting on the
rocks and watching the waves crash in.  Or collecting the coconuts that have fallen from the trees and eating them!  
Robin has found a couple of tidal pools that she can bask in and I've rigged up a couple of buckets that serve as a quite
effective shower.  When you're there, the whole world could blow up and you wouldn't know it!  It's our retreat in
Paradise where we can really and truly get away from it all!  It's very healing!
<-- It's probably hard to tell from the photograph, but you can just barely
glimpse the ocean through the trees from the porch of the house.  Since this
picture was taken, I have cleared that big clump of bushes in the middle of the
field and we can now see to the ocean and the waves bursting on the shore...
5/30/08, 12:23 PM
To give you a better idea of what I'm seeing every day, here's a representation of how when I
leave my house, I'm driving straight at the plume at
6/1/08, 10:50 AM - This picture was
taken at the spot I've marked "Plume
Pic" on the aerial view above.  As you
can see, that plume is right in my face
every day!
6/1/08, 11:00 AM
from "View of Plume"