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4/8/08, 8:30 AM
Steam plume.  Check out the wind conditions:  straight up, then off to the northeast
I think this is the path I was looking for
12/9/07.  I couldn't follow it because
there was a guard there.
Robin and I took another hike out to Kea'au Beach.  The last time we went, on
7/27/07, they were filming the 4th Indiana
Jones movie in the area and we weren't allowed to bring cameras in.  This time I was able to bring my camera and I also
line back.  When we got there, I walked past the beach and went out to the coast, looking for the path that led to King's
Landing.  Partway there, I saw an overgrown road that could have been it...
Ironwood along the coast.  As you
might guess, there isn't much soil -->
At the beach, fresh water seeping out
of the ground created this interesting
pattern in the sand.
Just really cool vegetation
<-- A sea turtle basking...
Hike to Kea'au Beach
April 13, 2008
The cove taken from the south end
This is a weird place.  As idyllic as it looks, the water's really cold because
there's a fresh water stream running into it.  There was also a town cop and
"the owner" standing there, making sure - I don't know what.  They wouldn't let
me take pictures of the houses that you can see in the last map image above.  I
wasn't really taking pictures of the houses - I was taking pictures of them
because it was so weird having them standing there.
4/25/08, 12:26 PM
April 27, 2008
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10:07 AM
View from Kalapana
A color chart from Jaggar Museum

A view of the Halema'uma'u plume -->
from a doorway in Volcano House
Views of Halema'uma'u plume from Volcano House
11:55 AM
View of Halema'uma'u plume from Jaggar Museum