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Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
March 08-13, 2008
New lava entering the sea has created a long
delta over the past two days. The new flows
can be discerned by their lighter appearance
compared to older lavas.
A closer look at the Waikupanaha delta, or
bench showing at least three separate
entries, some black patches of fresh
pahoehoe on its surface, and a sliver of black
sand along its edge. Note the Royal Gardens
subdivision (this flow goes through the
middle of what remains) and the plume from
Pu`u `O`o over the horizon.
(steaming) and the light-colored pahoehoe
flows that bring lava to the coast in the
middle of the photo. The new trail and
viewing area are located on the early 1990
pahoehoe flow in the foreground.
These are some excellent aerial views of the lava flows at Kalapana from the Images page of the Hawaiian Volcano
Observatory with their accompanying text.
^This is a superb view of the former
access road running across the top of
the photo to the former parking area.  
The red road is a new road that had
been put in to access new lots that
people were starting to build on...  
Maps from 3/13 showing the extent of
the new lava flow.
This is a good view of the lava at the bottom of Royal Gardens.  Orchid Street is the one I
walked across to the edge of the lava just above the left upper corner of the square where that
smoke is coming up.  I marked that spot as "Lava" on both
2/28 and 3/2.
And then on 3/19, check this out...
Another "Lava" hike
March 20, 2008
things had died down people-wise from
my last visit on the
8th.  In the image
above left are my tracks of 3/20 (green
line), 3/8 (yellow line), and my previous
hikes to the lava.  Above right, I have
overlaid the map to the left to give you
some kind of idea what the lava has
been doing so far this month...
From the location marked "End 3/20", looking up the road, this is what you see.  
I didn't think much of it until I went back out the next night...
The crowd at the "viewing area".  You
can't even get close enough to see!
They've ruined it!  They've got everything fenced off with county workers, park service people, and cops, all over the
place to keep you from wandering off.  What a complete drag!  This brought out the rebel in me so I walked back to the
car and found a spot where I could cut into the woods ("Lv Road 3/20") just to prove I could do it.  I then realized that
there were helicopters buzzing around all over the place and they'd probably bust me for leaving the "authorized"
areas.  I realize there's all those people stomping around, most of them pretty clueless, but it was such a good
meditation for me to be out there alone with the sun and the wind and the lava and Madame Pele, the Hawaiian goddess
of volcanoes.  Now it's all ruined!  It's become a tourist destination!  Yuk!
Yet Another "Lava" hike
March 21, 2008
Ray & Ellen came over with their grandson to see the lava, so Robin and I joined them.  We went at dark so there were
more people.  As you can see, we had to park much further back than I had the day before.  The green line marks our
path.  The road beyond the green line is now covered with lava (see below).
Some shots of the plume from the usual view at the end of my road...
Things are cookin' at Royal Gardens...
Remember the lava I saw in the road yesterday?  Well, here it is at night...
March of the zombies to the viewing