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March 08, 2008
And then on Saturday, March 8, they opened up the road again.  It was a complete zoo!  I'd
thought there was a lot of people when we'd gone out on the 3rd but that was nothing
compared to this!  It was a feeding frenzy!  Estimates were that there were 8,000 to 10,000
people that day!  I've shown my previous hikes of the last week as well as the one we did today
(red line).  That's where the end of the lava is now:  going into the ocean...
It was so crowded that I had to park It
was so crowded that I had to park .  
This is looking back up the road road  
the end of the road  the end of the
away away from where I parked!
This is what the end of the road looked
like every other time I've been out.
And this is what it looks like now!
The trailer's been gone for quite some
time now but otherwise this is what the
road in looked like.
Looking back
Looking back
End of the road for cars
My old friend Royal Gardens
This is where the new lava has cut
across the road.  Somewhere out there
was the previous parking area.  That
structure in the distance is perhaps
500 yards past the parking area.
This is where the red line turns left at
the spot marked "New Lava", looking
toward "Crowd".
On the way to "Crowd", looking back at
the road.
On the way to "Crowd".  The smoke is
from hot lava hitting the bushes.
I walked right through the "Crowd" area
and circled around to come up on the
lava from the other side.  Royal
Gardens in the background.
They finally came and chased me out of there.  They didn't like people
downstream of the lava...