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Lava @ Royal Gardens again continued
March 02, 2008
3/2, 6:37:27 PM
2/28, 1:17:28 PM
2/28, 6:16:35
7:04:20 PM
7:05:58 PM
7:07:34 PM
At location marked "Sit".  Playing with exposure times and such...
7:07:49 PM
7:09:41 PM
7:12:20 PM
8:25:08 PM
from "Pan"
8:37:14 PM
from "More"
8:38:32 PM
from "More"
8:10:56 PM
8:19:03 PM
8:20:06 PM
And then as I turned back to the car, I saw a good-sized orange glow just to the right of the car park so I decided to
head on over and see what it was....
8:39:00 PM
from "More"
8:43:17 PM
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from "Pan"
8:53:48 PM
Quicktime movie (13.9 Mb)
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from "Pan"
Lava Lake By Day
March 03, 2008
From location "Pan"
From location "Pan"
I went out again in the morning just to see what it looked like in the daylight.  The tracks from the previous night are
shown in light green (out) and pink (back).  The location marked "Steam" is where I started following the lava flow toward
Royal Gardens.  The location marked "009" is where I followed the edge of the lava flow around to "More" which was the
end of the lava lake at the time.  Today, I circle out (bright green line) until I encounter the lava flow at point "018".  I
then followed the edge of the lava to "Pan 2" where I took a panoramic picture of the lava lake before heading back to
the car (bright magenta line).  The distance between "More" and the green line from "018" and "Pan 2" is how far the
lava had advanced since last night - around 1000 feet in 12 hours.
Lava Lake By Day 2
March 03, 2008
And now to completely confuse you!  I'd been telling Robin and Cathy that they were missing quite a show and so they
finally came out to take a look (bright green line out, bright magenta line back).  I walked around the flow to point "047"
then circled back around to "Set 3/3 PM" to define the edge of the lava flow.  It had advanced another 500 feet or so
since the morning...
Lookit all the people!
That's the car park in the background.  
That's how close the lava is now.  
Normally the parking area on the right
isn't even full.  Tonight, they're parking
out the road!
<-- Cathy getting an eyeful.

There's Robin standing to Cathy's right
from "Set 3/3 PM"