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Lava @ Royal Gardens continued - Kilauea web page photos
February 28, 2008
I went out again to see what had transpired since I'd been there last.  I started out heading for Royal Gardens (green
line), but then noticed heat waves - an indication of surface lava - off to my left so I veered that way (Lava Left).  I
encountered the lava at the area marked "Steam" then followed the edge of the lava flow up toward Royal Gardens
where I turned right and headed up into the subdivision like I had the other
night.  I went to the spot where I'd been
before ("Lava") to see what had changed.  I then went back down the hill (magenta line) and set up at "Sit" to take some
pictures.  When I turned to head back to the car, I noticed an orange glow on the horizon and headed toward it.  It
turned out to be the "Lava Lake" - I'd walked right past it on the way out and hadn't seen it because it was still daylight at
the time!
View of the lava flows cutting through the
Royal Gardens subdivision. The cross street
is Paradise Street; the street running up the
pali with lava in it is Royal Avenue. The top of
the subdivision is in shadow at the top of the
pali. Pu`u `O`o is fuming in the background.
There have been two dominant lobe crossing
Royal Gardens, one coming down Royal
Avenue (to the right) and the other, more
dominant flow, coming down Prince Avenue
(to the left). The Prince Avenue flow, shown
here, cuts to the east near the
Prince/Paradise intersection and crosses the
intersection of Royal and Orchid at the
bottom right of the photo.
The flow on Royal Avenue didn't stop for the
Part of the flow diverted east down Paradise
Street, while the main thrust of the flow
continued down Royal, toward the bottom of
the photo.
The following are pictures from the Kilauea Images page along with the page's captions.  Just to give you a better
perspective of what's where...
This is one of several lava streams of the
Prince Avenue flow slicing through the forest
between the cross streets of Paradise and
Orchid. The lava stream is about 3 meters
(10 feet) wide.
Lava fed by the western-most lava stream of
the flow on Prince Avenue crossed Orchid
Street just west of Royal Avenue in early
View of an `a`a flow moving through
vegetation. What else can be said? Lava.
Fire. Pretty.
branch of the Prince Avenue flow intersected
and followed the lower end of Royal Avenue,
and soon reached the coastal plain at the
Avenue flow, extending off to the right through
the middle of the photo, reached the coastal
plain by mid-morning. The flow lobe following
Royal Street down from the top of the pali can
View from the coastal plain looking back at
reaching the base of the pali are part of the
flow lobe that followed Prince Avenue most of
the way through the subdivision. The smoke
at upper right is from the flow lobe that
followed Royal Avenue through the
subdivision. The remaining sliver of Royal
Avenue, just above and to the right of photo
center, will likely be consumed before
Channelized `a`a flows continue to stream
Channelized `a`a flows continue to stream
coastal plain between Royal Avenue and
down to the bottom of the pali in Royal King
Avenue. The mix of pahoehoe and `a`a lava
that fills the bottom center of the picture was
deposited overnight, and extends some 520
out from the pali out of the sight of this photo.
A new `a`a flow is creeping down the west
side of the flow that remains active in Royal
Gardens. Its terminus, shown here, is still
several hundred meters upslope.
Lava @ Royal Gardens continued - Kilauea web page photos
February 29, 2008
An `a`a channel splits only to come together
again in the lower portion of the Royal
Gardens subdivision.
The TEB flow advances eastward across the
coastal plain, with a view of the remains of
the Royal Gardens subdivision in the
Lava @ Royal Gardens continued - Kilauea web page photos
March 1, 2008
<-- This the flow I was watching from
location "
Sit" which I labeled "Toe 2".

Here are the two flows:  "Toe 2" on the
left and "Toe" on the right. -->

I saw the guys taking these pictures
while I was there...
Lava @ Royal Gardens again
March 2, 2008
Doesn't look all that different from afar but as I get closer I can see that the lower portion of Royal Gardens is pretty
much wasted by the lava flows.
3:35:50 PM
4:53:53 PM
4:53:59 PM
4:54:03 PM
4:58:19 PM
5:06:23 PM
5:41:24 PM
At the location marked "Lava".  Note
the bush on the right.
Photo taken 2/28.  I'm at the bush on
the right.  Previous photo was taken
from a little further back...
Comparison of where the lava was on
Orchid Street between 2/28 and 3/2
<-- I'm guessing that the toe of that
flow on the left is about where I was
sitting on
5:44:52 PM
Do I maybe look a little bit tense?
5:42:31 PM
5:47:58 PM
5:51:10 PM
5:55:15 PM
6:14:12 PM
6:24:56 PM
6:25:27 PM