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Lava @ Royal Gardens continued
February 28, 2008
<--There's a guy out there in a red hat.
I hope he knows what he's doing...

I went back to the location marked "Rest" and
found some shade.  I rested for about 45
minutes, changing from my hiking boots to
my Teva sandals.  After that, I headed back
down to the toe of the slope (yellow line),
marked "Toe" on the map to look at the flow
from the bottom.
This wall of lava was moving - although not very fast.  But you could see it being pushed from behind as the front
swelled and pieces of hardened lava fell and rolled off the front, making crinkling and crackling noises.  All that lava from
up the hill was flowing in behind this and pushing it forward.  An awesome sight.  There were a number of times that I
forgot to take pictures and just stood there and stared at it.
Looking up the lava flow from "Toe", I
had just been up where you can see
the flow coming down out of the trees.
3:18:29 PM
3:18:41 PM
3:27:12 PM
I moved over to "Toe 2" where I had a great view of another flow coming straight down Royal Avenue
I moved back to the location marked "Sit" where I found a good spot and took off my pack and settled down to watch the
flow come down the hill.
3:27:23 PM
3:27:33 PM
3:27:58 PM
This is the brown house Robin and I visited on 7/16/06
3:29:21 PM
There's another flow splitting off to the
right of the Royal Ave. flow
(3:30:53 PM)
3:38:46 PM
3:43:25 PM
3:46:13 PM
3:47:38 PM
3:49:10 PM
3:49:15 PM
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(3:32:38 PM)
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(3:33:39 PM)
3:49:20 PM
3:49:24 PM
3:50:19 PM
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<-I had to, of course, rechristen my
hiking stick ->
These photos were all taken at the location "Lava" at the end of the green line on the map above.  This is the
intersection of Royal Ave. and Orchid St.  It was very intense:  the wind was blowing due to the temperature differentials,
the lava was POURING down the slope in a river, the trees and bushes were bursting into flame.  Very primal.  The
formation of new earth right before my eyes.
This is how it looked on 7/16/06