We finally moved out of our hovel at Hawaiian Paradise Inn and into a house near the one we were planning to buy.  
The owner of our future house, Michel (pronounced "
Michelle") knew the woman, Winna, who owned the house behind
him.  He was somewhat of a caretaker for the house because she was here very rarely, traveling quite a bit and living in
California.  He had arranged with her to let us rent the house for a few weeks until the paperwork went through on the
purchase of his house.  This gave us a good chance to get familiar with the neighborhood.  It also allowed us to finally
get a permanent address by obtaining a mailbox in our subdivision, Kalapana Seaview Estates.  "Estates" is an
optimistic term since the lots were only 1/8 acre in size.
Since we're in the neighborhood, we might as well check out our future house.  We haven't moved in yet, but there it is,
right in the back yard!  The "Phone Booth" is the only place we can get a cell phone signal (maybe!).
That's it.  Not much to it.  I'm not able to show you the interior because even though I have a wide angle lens, the house
is so small, I can't back up far enough to get a picture.  The one of Michelle and Robin is the best I can do inside.  The
first thing I want to do with the house is jack it up and add another floor underneath to make it a two-story house.  Then
we want to add lanais (porches) on the west side, the back, and the front.  The ones on the west side and the back will
be roofed and screened in, the one on the front will be open.  By doing all that we will have increased the living space of
the house threefold and taken up very little more of the tiny lot.
This is the entrance to our subdivision, on the left side of the loop off
Kalapana-Kapoho Road
This is looking up the center road of
our subdivision
This is looking back down the center
road at the mailboxes and the park
area inside the loop
This is looking back down the right loop
from the end of  our street.  That blue
thing in the middle is the Pacific Ocean!
This is looking up our street, Ho'eunalu  
Ho-ay-oo-na-lu).  We live in the last lot
on the left, just past that gray car.
This is Winna's house, the next street
up from ours, just in back of our house.
This is a view of the house as you first
come upon it on the street.  This is the
southwest corner.  Note the solar
panels on the roof.  We plan to add
more and some more batteries too so
that we have greater capacity.
This is a view of the east side of the
house, opposite side from the previous
Michel, the previous owner,
and Robin
This is looking from the Northwest.  
Robin and Michael in the window.  The
sheet of plywood sticking out from the
house on the left is the shower.
The catchment water tank.  1500
gallons.  It is hooked up to the gutters
of the house with 3" plastic pipe so that
every time it rains, the water runs into
the tank.
This is a view of the back of
the house where the shower
is.  The white box  hanging on
the wall is the tankless water
This is looking up the street of the right loop
(magenta line).  Our street is to the right
about as far as you can see.
Monday, March 27
Moved into Winna's house
The is the first of a panoramic sequence of the park area in the loop.  We call it
our "phone booth" because it's the only place anyone can get cell phone
reception.  Pretty nice phone booth, huh?
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