Northfield, page 7
The First Winter
12/30/00 - 1/27/02
On Saturdays, I'd have one of the guys from Renaissance
Excavating come over with the backhoe and we'd take
various rocks scattered around the site and build a retaining
wall.  I wanted the wall to insulate that corner of the

On the left, that rust-colored thing is the valves for a 500 gallon propane
tank buried there.  I had propane for hot water (with ideas for solar in
the future), and the kitchen stove.  I also had a gas line to the east side
of the house where I had a generator hook-up for the house.
It quickly became apparent that I needed a really good dry airy place near the house but not in it where I could stack my
firewood.  Out between the trees just wasn't going to work - too damp!  I designed this woodshed and put it together myself.
 I used the stone to raise and level the area for the 8x8 sleepers.  I cut the bottom ends of the 8x8s at 45 degrees so that
they could act as a sled if I ever wanted to move it.  12'x16'.  Basic and cheap.
8x8 sleepers at 8', 2x10 joists @ 24"
o.c., 2x4 gaped the width of a 16d nail
for flooring for air circulation
Trying the first rafter
Admiring my woodshed...  Still need to roof it...  But the snow slides off that plastic
real nice...
12/31/00, 8:30 AM
9:00 PM Robin out for a breath of fresh air!  -->
Hadn't figured on snow blowing onto the porch!
2/6/01, 8:30 AM
Left: Robin's car, center: looking east at east end of porch (kitchen door on right),
right:  looking at west end of porch after clean-up.  The porch is 2 feet off the
12/30/00, 9:40 AM
8:40 AM

My truck from ground level

Robin's car from ground level
2/6/01, 8:40 AM
Looking south out of the basement
"wood room"
10:30 AM
OK, here we go!
10:40 AM
11:00 AM
Out at my truck
11:00 AM
My truck's 1/3 of the way out
2/6/01, 11:20 AM
Robin's car partly excavated
And we still have to plow the 400'

(End 2/6/01 Storm)
3/6/01, 11:00 AM
No, this is not a misprint.  It's
storm!  That's Robin's car again...
Lookit all the tiny little footie prints!
3/6/01, 12:10 PM
That's a good gauge of how much
snow we got
3/7/01, 8:45 AM
Beautiful day...
Notice the driveway hasn't been
8:47 AM
Looking down the driveway...  
Apparently Jim, our neighbor and snow
plower can't get up the hill
12:00 Noon
Here's Jim!  On his little tractor.  He
had to dig his way in so he could get is
plow truck up.  It's far easier plowing
12:15 PM
The truck's dug out and the driveway is passable.  Much clean-up to be done...
Beautiful day!
3/7/01, 7:50 AM
My truck...
3/10/01, 6:10 AM
More snow...
3/10/01, 7:00 AM
3/10/01, 7:00 AM
I'll remind you that the porch deck is 2
feet off the ground...
Well, the lovely weather we had that first winter motivated me to take certain measures.  First, I needed to get some
protection on that west foundation wall and I needed to improve my firewood process - a good woodshed and a different
way of getting it into the house.  Last winter, I'd have to dig my way out to the firewood and dig it out and load it into the
back of my truck.  Then I'd back my truck up to those big patio doors and unload the wood into the basement.  The only
problem with that was unloading a truckload of firewood took time - meanwhile all the heat in the house is pouring out
through those nice big patio doors.  And then all the wood was really damp and had to dry in the basement for 3 or 4 days
before it was suitable for burning.  My idea was to build a woodshed right next to the house where I could store more than a
winter's worth of wood high and dry.  Right next to a window through which I could feed the wood into the house.  Slick.